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Why Affairs Happen?

Why Affairs Happen?  3

One of the hardest phenomena we are facing today, especially in big cities, is that a lot of people are having tendencies to have affairs. Psychologists state that due to the overwhelming pressures and stress faced by many in today's fast [...]


On this day (8th January)

On this day (8th January)  3

Historical Events:   1642 - Astronomer Galileo Galilei died in Arcetri, Italy.   1675 - The first corporation was charted in the United States. The company was the New York Fishing Company.   1790 - In the United States, George Washington delivered the first State of [...]


How to Avoid Eye Tiredness When In Front Of Computer

How to Avoid Eye Tiredness When In Front Of Computer  3

More than ever, we're spending more time in front of computer screens due to the fact that we're living in an era of Technology.  We spend numerous time in front of the computer to do business, work, school tasks, to [...]


5 Nerdy & Funny Inventions

5 Nerdy & Funny Inventions  0

The word “Invention” is a familiar word associated with the human’s ability to create something from their great imagination. Did you know that every second something is being invented throughout the world? Today, more humans spend maximum time doing research which [...]


Leaked Display New Version of Android  0

Android as an OS that was released by the giant Google continues to develop themselves. This time, Google will release the latest version of the Android version 4.4 or called Android KitKat. KitKat itself is a name product of Nestle chocolate [...]


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