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Beauty & Lifestyle

Beauty Tips from Around the World

Beauty Tips from Around the World  1

Today’s generation define a beautiful person as being unique and different. When it comes to finding beauty solutions and tips to looking fabulous, it’s time to go on a global trek to discover that almost every country has some traditional [...]


10 Bad Habits that Deplete Brain  0

Care about your brain, and it is better if you re-examine the little habits that you take for granted but have a negative impact on your brain. 1. Don't Breakfast Many people underestimate the breakfast. In fact do not eat anything in [...]

How to

How To Create New Spirit ( Get Rid Of Boredom )

How To Create New Spirit ( Get Rid Of Boredom )  1

Often we get caught up in the daily routines of life, we wake up, shower, eat, go to work, go home at night, watch television and sleep again. Trapped in a daily routine can make us feel tired and lose [...]


5 Nerdy & Funny Inventions

5 Nerdy & Funny Inventions  0

The word “Invention” is a familiar word associated with the human’s ability to create something from their great imagination. Did you know that every second something is being invented throughout the world? Today, more humans spend maximum time doing research which [...]


Kakaban Lake : The largest Jelly Fish Lake In The World

Kakaban Lake : The largest Jelly Fish Lake In The World  0

Have you ever imagined diving among hundreds or even thousands of jellyfish? Kakaban Lake that located at Kakaban Island on East Borneo Indonesia is the largest jelly fish lake in the world, and also second brackish water lake in the [...]


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