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Beauty & Lifestyle

5 Benefits of Using Tea Bags for Beauty

5 Benefits of Using Tea Bags for Beauty  5

For some people, drinking tea is a ritual that is hard to break. In fact, in addition to offering pleasure and freshness, tea also provides a variety of benefits for health and beauty. Here are some of the benefits of [...]


Best Tips for Exam Success

Best Tips for Exam Success  2

Let’s face it, every student or person who has to sit exams, wants some form of help for revision and taking exams. There are some students who feel that they do great when it comes to coursework, but fail when [...]


How To Make Ginger Tea  1

In this article we are going to simply write about how to make ginger tea. Let's begin: How to make ginger tea Clean the root under cold running water, slice into roughly 1/8 to 1/4 inch ovals. Add to boiling water, and [...]


5 Nerdy & Funny Inventions

5 Nerdy & Funny Inventions  0

The word “Invention” is a familiar word associated with the human’s ability to create something from their great imagination. Did you know that every second something is being invented throughout the world? Today, more humans spend maximum time doing research which [...]


Leaked Display New Version of Android  0

Android as an OS that was released by the giant Google continues to develop themselves. This time, Google will release the latest version of the Android version 4.4 or called Android KitKat. KitKat itself is a name product of Nestle chocolate [...]


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