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What would be, if you cover your teeth with aluminum foil?

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This treatment has been described as effective by numerous people. The classic teeth whitening does not work              on  all teeth, especially if they are grey. It will be more effective to yellowish teeth.

There are many teeth whitening products are available nowadays, and some of them contain small quantities of           Carbamide Peroxide and small particles that whiten the teeth.

Do-You-Know-What-Will-Happen-If-You-Cover-Your-Teeth-With-Aluminum-Foil-And-Hold-Them-Like-That-For-An-Hour                     However, you can make your own toothpaste for teeth whitening, by the following way:

1   Mix a little bit baking soda with your regular toothpaste.

2.  Take a piece of aluminum foil as wide and long as your teeth.

3.  Apply the paste in to the foil and then cover your teeth with this.

4.  Let the foil on your teeth for an hour.

Only after several days you will notice the first result.

According to the dentists, this teeth whitening treatment is completely safe. However take care and avoid                       repeating this treatment too often.

Mahbuba Hoque is the Director Admin of Brain Tuners and also the Adviser & Stuffing Manager at TechnoCrews. She is a tech and science lover and love to make DIY projects. Regularly contributing to the Teronga blog as an Editor of this blogazine.

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