5 Foods That Advantage For Women

Foods That Advantages For Women
Foods That Advantages For Women

Most women want a slim body and stay healthy, and to get this many women do the diet program to keep their bodies in order to stay slim and healthy.

Women often get confused when choosing food that is suitable for the diet as well as maintain their health. Five types of foods below, according to experts, it is appropriate to prevent common health problems that experienced by women

1. Tomatoes
Research scientists in Boston, United States, fond that tomatoes are very healthy, especially for women. Lycopene in tomatoes can prevent breast cancer and cervical cancer (cervix) that are frightening specter. In addition, tomatoes are also able to prevent heart problems. It was also nice and not a lot of calories – making it very suitable for diet.

2. Salmon
Omega-3 that content in salmon provides many benefits for women. In addition to high protein, salmon is also fat free, so the women do not have to worry about their weight while eating the salmon. In women who is pregnant, the oil content in salmon can nourish the fetus and to minimize disruption in the first trimester of pregnancy.

3. Cranberry juice

High content of vitamin C and antioxidants in cranberries can cure urinary tract infections that are often experienced by women. In addition antioxidants and vitamin C were also able to help fight the bacteria into the female sex during bowel movements that less clean.

4. Yoghurt
Yogurt is one of the women snack craze. Beside it is fresh, low calorie too. High protein and low fat on yogurt can make a normal blood pressure and blood sugar level was not too high. So you can avoid from various diseases.

5. Walnuts
Walnuts contain omega-3 and high in antioxidants. Eating 55 grams of walnuts per day will reduce the risk of diseases such as cancer or a tumor. In addition, the walnuts also have a high protein so that women can avoid bone disease that often occurs.