A Guide for Surviving your Dissertation

At some point in our lives, especially in college, we all have to go through writing out our final thesis. This may be a long and gruelling process but trust me when I say, “It could be done!” It might not be the easiest of tasks, but it is definitely beatable. All we need is the proper guidance put in simple terms that everybody can understand and carry on in doing.

Whether or not you’re working on your thesis project right now and happen to come across this article through some research or if you just want to be prepared for when “IT” does finally happen, here are a few basic tips to remember when your thesis project is here. These are tips that will help you get through the whole process.


Keep  a “You can do this!” thinking process

Yes! This is vital. You should always tell yourself that “You can do this!” Let go of the negative energy and bring on positivity! One major reason for failing is because of being negative and not giving yourself that boost of motivation. So before starting anything, tell yourself that you will beat this, no matter how tough the situation is!


Set early deadlines

Don’t procrastinate! From the moment that your professor gives you your thesis project and its deadline, get moving. Have a goal to work towards so that your motivation is always there. Even if it’s supposed to be submitted months ahead, start early so that you can just relax and go through minor edits a couple weeks or days before the actual deadline. It is always frustrating to be under pressure a few days before the deadline. Make this a week or two earlier. I put emphasis on the world “early.” Make yourself a list of “due dates” to help you keep on track of everything.


Make flexible goals

Besides having a Plan A, make sure that you also have a Plan B and C. You never know what unexpected event might happen and your first plan can’t pull through. Also keep in mind that deadlines can change, depending on your professor. Setting early deadlines, like the tip above, is a sure way to never miss the deadline date even if it does change.


Ask for feedback from others

By doing this, you can get constructive criticism from others. Do this way before your deadline so that you can make the necessary adjustment and have it checked again. You can try asking your thesis advisor for help (since they are there for you whenever you need help on your thesis) during your outline phase to see if you’re thinking on the right track. Send them your drafts so that they can also go through it. This will also help you stay away from rewriting an entire chapter throughout the process. Remember that you should always think smooth-sailing.


Find out what the committee expects from your work

You can ask your advisor on the kind of work that the committee expects for more guidance. Read same thesis projects done by other students to get more ideas for yours. Get as much information and guidance as you can from other student’s thesis project’s, your advisor and the committee.


Have a break every once in a while

Yes, you read this correctly. Take a creak every once in a while so that you can focus on your personal life. Although a thesis may take time, you also need to remember that you have other important matters in your life. You need time to recharge and relax your brain cells. Do something that is stress-free in which you don’t have to think about your thesis. Maybe a couple days off is a wise plan, but once you feel energized again, you may proceed to your thesis project.


Know your prioritizes

In between the days or months of your thesis, there will be sudden invites to go somewhere or other peers wanting you to do something. Learn to say “No” most of the times. It is okay to be up for doing something with family and friends sometimes, but not all the time. Learn to balance your personal life and school life. This could be a challenge for many people, but this is important especially when you’re working on your thesis. Say “No” in a nice way and explain to them the reasons you can’t and that when you’re finished (hopefully sooner than later) that you will be there with them wherever they want to go.


Learn to spread out writing time

Don’t sit down and try to finish in one sitting. Remember that something as long and critical as a thesis project takes time. It isn’t a sprint or 100-meter dash. Write throughout the day, in an hour or so. Start early and write about a page or more a day. Really depends on you, but don’t drain and stress your brain out too much.

Here are the tips that I feel are essential in writing out a thesis project. They are the basic techniques that I feel like work based on experience. The ball is in your court and it is always up to you with how you want to handle anything that comes your way in life.

 About the Author:

Lois Weldon works at dissertation writing services Uk.bestdissertation.com. She moved from Liverpool to London with her family. Loves writing helpful articles for students. She is a great Star Wars fan.


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