A Young Girl The Founder of Supercapacitor Battery Charge

A 18-year-old girl student from Lynbrook High School, San Jose, California managed to find a tool that is able to charge mobile phones and laptop battery in full only for 30 seconds. Of course these findings are valuable because mobile phones and laptops have become an essential part of today’s lifestyle.

Girl named Eesha Khare, an Indian-American descent, made ​​a super-capacitor device that uses special nanostructures. Khare explains, they work as energy storage in large numbers despite the small space.

Additionally the device if used as one component of mobile phone batteries, so it can fully charge the phone battery in 20 or 30 seconds. Besides being able to charge batteries quickly, these components can also save battery power during 10000 cycles tha is much compared to ordinary batteries that can only last up to 1000 cycles. Later this tool will be developed for a variety of electronic devices, laptops and electric vehicles.

On these findings, Khare became a winner at Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2013 on May 17, 2013 in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, and won $ 50,000 in cash. She got rid of 1,600 finalists from 70 countries.

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