Rules of Commenting (Teronga Give Away Campaign)

Rules of Commenting:

  • No ‘Copy or Paste’ types of comments allowed!
  • You have to log-in to comment so that we can easily track the comments.
  • One comment is equal to one point.
  • If you subscribe to our News Feed through Feed Burner Newsletter Just under the Manage profile option you will be rewarded 5 Points for that for the first month.  So please subscribe to win 5 points without commenting in 5 articles !( You have to register with Feed Burner using the same email address that you used to register with our website.)
  • Spamming types of comments will be disqualified.
  • You can comment as many time you want in an article. But each day one comment will be counted on a specific article. So visit & read as many articles. Then make comments.
  • Comment has to be related with the article written above.
  • If your comment is not relevant to the article you are disqualified and will be banned from the website.
  • If you ask any question and any of the remaining commenter’s answer your query, then the user who answered will be rewarded a bonus point.  So it’s also a bonus to reply to others with appropriate answer.
  • You can’t post any promotional link to any other website. You will be disqualified immediately if you do that.
  • Making identical comments to each post is not allowed. Simply writing comments like , “Thank you so much “, “I loved it” and so on is not going to be counted as a point earning comment. Spend some more seconds in writing a detailed comment related to the post. If you are thankful for the article, be specific about why you liked the article.
  • If you don’t read the article then don’t comment please. We are encouraging people to read and not to comment only. It’s to make you familiar with our unique and quality writings.All our articles are original and are not copy & pasted articles.We want you to eventually fall in love with our website and to visit us regularly. We encourage you to especially visit our website as a point of resource & to obtain information.
  • Most importantly your display name in the website should be your real name. We will send your prize only for that name and provided address if you are the winner!
  • You can comment at best in 10 articles on a day!
  • Comment must have to be in English!

N.B: Teronga preserve all rights to change any ruling throughout the campaign.

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