Automatic Neat Beds

Automatic Neat Bed
Automatic Neat Bed

Are you one of those people that feels lazy to tidy your bed up every time you wake up?  How would you feel if there was technology that could make a neat bed itself up?

Well new discovery using advanced technology has created a smart bed from a bed company in Spain, OHEA.

The company created and called it  a “bed smart”, so-called “smart” because these beds can tidy themselves up.

The Button For Tidy Up The Bed
The Button For Tidy Up The Bed

The bed is equipped with a button. If the button is pressed then it will tidy up the bed covers, pillows, and your bolsters neatly. Even more advanced, the bed is also equipped with sensors that instantly know if someone is getting up out of the bed, then the bed is made up directly. So, every time you mess up your bed, your bed will always be tidied.

Here is the Video :




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