Best 5 Android Apps for Bloggers

Best 5 Android Apps for Bloggers

There are many different kinds of websites available, but each website should be made unique and different from the others in order to increase the traffic of the websites. For this, one should make a blog section on the website and bloggers should be appointed for posting good quality blogs on it. Bloggers spend a lot of time and their energy in working for a website and making it attractive so that more and more visitor gets attracted to it. On regular basis, the bloggers have to update the posts and also check their personal social media profiles in order to increase the traffic of the website. There are a lot of applications available in the market which the bloggers can use and make their tasks easy. The best android apps for bloggers are


  1. WordPress

If the bloggers are performing their tasks on the word press platform, it is important for them to use the Word press application. It helps in providing a physical functional version of the dash board to the bloggers with the help of which they can easily create new posts and pages when they are away from the working desk. With the help of which app, the bloggers can also get the stats information easily.

2. Flipboard




It is important for the bloggers to come up with new and unique ideas on daily basis. Flipboard is a challenging application which helps in providing new ideas and keeps the bloggers updated. Flipboard is an app which allows the bloggers to go through their favorite blogs, social media streams and also check the various news streams with the help of which the bloggers can be updated. It is a user friendly and easy to use application.

 3.      Google Drive

Google Drive
Google Drive

Bloggers have to write new blogs and keep the website updated on a regular basis. Bloggers know and understand how much space is required for saving the documents and photographs. Google Drive is a wonderful application which helps in storing all the required documents and pictures without using too much of the space which thereby making the tasks of the bloggers easy and effective to be used.

4.      Evernote


Bloggers tend to find inspiration everywhere and they have to keep the blog sections updated on regular basis. With the help of Evernote application, one can easily update and upload their blogs on the website. In other words, Evernote is an app which makes it easy for the bloggers to take pictures and also upload the blogs on the website. It helps in maintaining an access to the computer of the blogger even when they are on the go.

5.      Hootsuite


It is important for the bloggers to stay in a schedule if they wish to update their blogs on a regular basis. Hootsuite is an effective and a very useful app for the bloggers as it helps them in maintaining a schedule.

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