The artificial eggs made in China are now too available in the world’s market especially in the countries those are importing eggs from this biggest exporter. These eggs are really harmful for the human body. My plea to all businessmen is to please let us lead a normal life. At least let us live a life without falling sick because of taking harmful products which is artificial and dangerous to the human body.

This eggs can take your life!!

Many people are taking this fact lightly. Different international media have circulated some assignments about these artificial eggs; among them include the governmental television of Myanmar and Independent Morning News agency and many more. Media reports have stated that many towns of Myanmar including Yangon are full of these artificial eggs, which are entering into that country from the border side area from China. These eggs are alike to Hen or Duck eggs. China has been making these artificial eggs since 2004.

An American science magazine, “The Internet Journal Of Toxicology” published some amazing facts about these artificial eggs. Referenced by that magazine, these artificial eggs don’t contain any food value or protein. Moreover these artificial eggs are harmful for the human health.

Processing the artificial eggs by hand!!

From the Internet we collected the steps of making artificial eggs. There we can see, to make these kinds of eggs they use plastic matrix. But before pouring all the things inside of that matrix, they make the yolk first. These yolks are totally made by chemical ingredients. Calcium Chloride and coloring dye are used to make red and yellow colored yolk. Then a thin cover is used to make the yolk round and to keep it from getting mixed with
the white portion of the egg. After making the white portion of the eggs, the yolks are made in the middle. At the last stage, to make the egg’s shell they use wax mixed with paraffin, benzoic acid, baking powder and calcium carbide. They keep the white portion of the egg in the waxed mixture for some time. This time, a little heat has to give to the stuff, which is called an artificial egg.

How to recognize an artificial egg:

1. Artificial egg is more breakable than the original egg.
2. This egg loses its color when you boil it.
3. The yolk of the artificial egg doesn’t remain a distinctive circle shape when you break the egg. The yolk just mixes with the white portion.
4. The artificial egg is big in size and the shell of this kind of egg is smoother than
the original.

How artificial eggs look like!!!

From different websites we learn that these artificial eggs of China include calcium carbonate, starch, resin gelatin and Elam. These chemical ingredients bring a lot of hazards in the human body. Having these types of chemicals in the human body for long time does create nerve and kidney problems. Calcium Carbide is dangerous for lungs.

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  1. OMG its really a horrible news for evryone. Government should take a necessary step to stop import this type of egg in our country. Its can damage human body harmfully. Thanks to share this with us .

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