How to Change Android for Becoming a Windows Phone 8

In the last article I wrote about the difference in OS Android and Windows Phone 8. Of course for those of you who have a windows phone 8 based smartphones can enjoy the OS, but what if you already have Android Smartphones and want to enjoy the look of Windows 8 phone in your gadget. You do not need to worry because you can also change your Android Phone to Windows 8 with the Application Launcher 8.

Launcher 8 is a free application that you can download on Google Play Store, Launcher 8 application can change the look of your Android into the look of Windows Phone 8 that elegant and having characteristic colorful box icon.

Not only changed the appearance but this app also works as the real Windows Phone 8 by calling applications on your android device via the icon display. Cool is not it …!

You can download this application directly from your Android Smartphone on Play Store with keywords Launcher 8. After downloading and installation process you can immediately enjoy the Windows Phone 8 in your Android Gadget.







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