CMS Made Simple: Loved By Designers Everywhere!

CMS Made Simple is not known by many because of lack of popularity. However, there is a set of loyal following that look up to the amazing features of CMS Made Simple for creating great websites. Having some decent number of designers in the list of users is not something that can be ignored. There must be something special about it which tends to emerge loyalty.

As compared to most of the content management systems out there, CMS Made Simple claims to be more agile and extensively easier. However, we cannot say CMS-MS has the ability to replace WordPress in the near future, but it has pitched itself against the CMS Giants.

Let’s have a look at its pros and cons to have a better understanding.


Besides other benefits it possesses, CMS-MS is pretty nimble and simple in its operation. And yes, it’s an open source as well, just like every other CMS available. Its major advantage comes around when you understand its template system. CMS-MS uses the Smarty library to take care of its template support which comes along with some benefits of its own.

Starting with the ease it provides, with CMS-MS, your all worries regarding templates are gone. It provides flexibility and simplicity according to your requirements. The major advantage of it is that it comprises of the most generally used conditional and escaping layout flows. To enhance its features, it doesn’t take help from PHP. Its awesomeness can assist you in saving extensive effort and time you’re going to extend.


To keep the drawbacks a little short, CMS Made Simple seems to have missed some aspects that are essential. Some elements that are incorporated are overdone like custom tags and modules and web design service. Like for example, a blog is an essential in websites of most genres. CMS Made Simple can create a blog but then it requires third party modules to beat the goal of templates and modules. Other than that, module integration with CMS Made Simple doesn’t leave any good taste on the website. Though it has provided the speed and agility with tons of plugins and features, but it does not have several core functions incorporated in it that affect the overall operation.


So who should use CMS-MS? Well, if you’re looking for a lightweight and nimble CMS that can be used easily, then CMS-MS is best for you. Besides, those who are initiating a start-up business and do not need Drupal like super-features can also work well with it. If you’re okay with incorporating some latest functions to CMS all by yourself, and asking external modules for assistance, then CMS-MS will suit you the most.


But who should not use CMS-MS? Simple, a super-heavyweight site is not something that can be done through CMS-MS. For an established business, you might like to add tons of features and create an amazing website. In that case, it’s better to stay away from CMS-MS as if you add so many modules, you will kill the speed of CMS. Besides that, if you decide to incorporate some other functions yourself, then the idea of saving time is lost. Look for better alternatives, as there is no claim of CMS-MS is supporting the creation of heavyweight site.


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