Dangers to be aware of on Social Network Sites

The internet without a doubt is one of mankind’s greatest innovation. It’s not only making our life more easier but it also helps us a lot to connect with people and it also helps to boost economies around the World. Social networking sites play a very vital role in connecting humans with each other all over the world. These sites make communication much easier and less time consuming.

The downfall, however, is that we can’t deny that these social sites have became a platform for cyber bullying and sexual harassment as well.So,there are some dangers to be aware of on social network sites.


Facebook, the most popular social network site is very popular for social media and making people aware of all types of information and issues globally. As with anything in life, something great can also be misused showcasing the worst of human behaviors. The most extreme form of abuse found on social sites in recent times is called cyber bullying. Sadly, cyber bullying has been a known cause of  many teenagers committing suicide or even murder. Inappropriate comments or behaviours on social sites can victimize vulnerable or sensitive people. Politicians, super stars, teenagers to adults can all be the targets of cyber bullying and abuse.

The worst of human nature is seen and made very public in the forms of pornography and inappropriate pictures as well as bad and filthy language and comments on many facebook pages and profiles. People are free to express themselves as freely as they like without any restrictions or boundaries. Fake accounts are easy to open. Innocent victims are targeted. Young people are exposed to inappropriate information and images accepting it all part of the social norm.

Harassing woman is another major concern on social sites. It is never appreciable in human society. Young teenage girls in particular need to take more caution while using these sites. Girls should filter their friend list and remove the ones that are unknown and less trustworthy. Personal information and pictures should not be visible to all. People in general should take care of uploading personal pictures of themselves or their family and friends. It’s very easy for anyone to take a hold of your personal pictures and information and misuse it.

Above all, people should not hesitate to report any type of abuse or suspicious activity they experience or witness on social sites. With the increase of identity fraud and cyber bullying in the World, take caution of how you behave and share your information online.

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