Exciting Cultural & Local Games of Bangladesh

Every country around the globe boasts its own set of national or cultural games and sports, serving as essential components of life akin to food and drink. Just as one eats and drinks to satiate hunger and thirst, individuals engage in games and sports for pleasure, refreshment, and the development of both body and character. In Bangladesh, a tropical country, the selection of games and sports aligns with its climate. Various local games, such as Ha-du-du, Dariabandha, Kanamachhi, and Gollachut, are emblematic of Bangladeshi cultural sports, predominantly enjoyed by young children during their leisure periods.


Exciting Cultural & Local Games of Bangladesh - Ha du du

Ha-du-du remains a highly popular game in Bangladesh, played in open fields that bring joy not only to participants but also to spectators. The game requires a small, level playing ground divided into two equal parts. Two teams, comprised of young and robust village boys, stand face to face on a line, uttering “du-du” while attempting to touch players from the opposing team. The game concludes when all players of one team are declared “dead,” and the opposing team emerges victorious.


Exciting Cultural & Local Games of Bangladesh - kanamachi

Kanamachchi is a beloved village game where a group of children forms a circle, with one blindfolded participant known as the kanamachchi. The kanamachchi pursues the other children, and upon touching someone, the touched individual becomes the new kanamachchi.


Exciting Cultural & Local Games of Bangladesh - Dariabandha

Dariabandha is another village game played under specific rules, with a field divided into lines at equal distances. Two teams, standing inside and outside the field, engage in a game where players attempt to cross the field and reach the end. The team successfully completing this task wins the game.


Exciting Cultural & Local Games of Bangladesh - Gollachut

Gollachchut involves two teams with an equal number of players. One team stands at a fixed point on one side of the field, while players from the opposing team scatter across the field. The objective is for the team at the fixed point to cross the field untouched three times to secure victory.

Nouka-Baich (Boat-race):

Boat Racing – Nouka Baich

Nouka-Baich, or boat race, serves as a popular entertainment for village people, often held during autumn festivals. Specially crafted and speedy boats, known as Baichary, are utilized for this sporting event, attracting people from near and far. The race, filled with shouts and thrills, provides innocent pleasure to the spectators.


Stick Play – Lathi Khela

Latthikhela, another well-received village game, demands skill, tricks, and techniques. Experienced villagers participate in this game, offering great joy to onlookers who relish the display of skills.


Country games remain fascinating, requiring minimal financial investment and often not relying on vast fields. These village games provide ample exercise, delivering innocent joy and pleasure. Engaging in these activities contributes to physical strength, health, and an active lifestyle, effectively keeping people busy, tension-free, and delighted during their leisure time. These games alleviate boredom, break the monotony of daily routines, and combat fatigue.


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    I love all bangladeshi games. Very excitign to watch

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