Flirt with Glamorous and Gorgeous Eye Lashes

False Eye lashes

Applying false eye lashes are trendy & considered very fashionable. This year, M.A.C launched an innovative collection of glamorous Silver Screen style lash looks. Guess what? It does not take very much to achieve the same incredible and glamorous eye lash look! False eye lashes are not overly priced, and it’s even possible for any make-up artist or beauty salon to apply them for you for a special occasion.

False lashes are a great way of amplifying make-up. With a huge range of styles available, it’s easy to find false lashes to suit any make-up look and eye shape. Application can be tricky, so start with a half-set of lashes; these are much easier to apply and wing out the eye beautifully. Once you’re confident with these, graduate to a full set if you would like more drama.

False eyelashes

D.I.Y. Lashes

Adding a few lashes to the outer corner of the eye is the perfect way to add a little glamour to your look – and can be easily done yourself.

You’ll need: Scissors, tweezers, a set of false lashes and lash glue.

Step One:

Take the scissors and starting at one end of the lashes, cut off small sections of 2-3 lashes.

Step Two:

Squirt some glue out on to a flat, non-absorbent surface – like a plastic lid.

Step Three:

Pick up a lash section with the tweezers, holding the lashes as close to the base as possible. Dip the base of the lashes in the glue and wait for 30-40 seconds, or until it is gummy. Wet, runny glue won’t stick.

Step Four:

When the glue is gummy, press the lashes to the outer corner of the eye, right into the lash line. Push down slightly so they sit in with your natural lashes.

Step Five:

Repeat this process at the outer corner of each eye, adding lash sections until you have achieved the desired result. Use mascara carefully over all the lashes (natural and fake) and then find someone cute to flutter them at.

False eyelashes


Tips and tricks

For an even more dramatic look you can apply lashes on your bottom lash line. Go easy on the glue so that it doesn’t build up on the false eyelashes or clump up your real eyelashes and leak into your eye.

Make sure you remove the lashes before going to sleep. If your lashes didn’t come up with a special remover wet a face cloth with warm water and hold it over the lashes to loosen the glue. Whatever you do, don’t pull too hard, or you might take some of your own lashes off! Store the lashes in their original packaging, so they don’t lose their shape, that way you can reuse them.

After applying glue to the lashes wait a few moments until the glue starts to set. It sticks better and won’t move as much no your eye. The more glue you use the longer you will need to wait.

Never apply glue directly to your eyelids; it may get into your eyes, or you may glue your eye shut.

If you want a full set of lashes, you can do them yourself, but it is an important occasion, I recommend having a professional apply them. There is nothing worse than trying to talk to someone at an event while trying not to stare at the row of false lashes that is now dangling over the poor woman’s eye – you don’t want to be this person!

Semi permanent eye lashes, that last about 6 weeks, still look the most natural in my opinion and definitely worth having done professionally if you have a special occasion coming up, for a natural glam look, with no potential for disaster.

(Source: The Messenger: Lakes, Bay & Region: Beauty Section)


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