Freedom Of Speech

Freedom of speech means to express the opinion of citizens in a democratic state. Democracy always nurses freedom of its citizens as it is defined as, “the government of the people, by the people and for the people.” The citizens of a democratic government can protest against in any violation of democratic rights of people. So freedom of speech is a universal right of every citizen granted by the democratic regimes of the world.

Freedom of speech in its wider sense does not mean to criticize the existing government for nothing, to use rough words whimsically and to embarrass anyone with impolite and improper languages. Freedom of speech refers to a rightful voice against injustice and oppression. Man is a talking animal. He has a liberty to express his mind or give out his opinion on anything reasonably. It means to voice the constructive criticism in a constructive way.


Now-a-days, freedom of speech has become a powerful instrument of reformation and grievance redressal in most parts of the world. Satellite television, Online Newspaper, Internet Blogging website has provided world wide access to the suppressed and repressed people to voice their sufferings and grievances on various forums. A dumb person or a block headed person is to bear with oppression, exploitation and social injustice. Silently. His intellectual maturity does not allow him to voice his protest against them.

In a democratic country freedom of speech has an important role to play. It helps establish a fair government and it fine governance. Unless the aggrieved has freedom to express his grievance and complain to the law enforcing agencies, he cannot protect his legal rights and safeguard his interests. Freedom of speech is also enshrined in the constitution of all civilized and democratic rights of the world.

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