Having a clean desk is not a difficult task at all!!!

If your desk is like this you are crazzy!!


Once my boss told me that the first impression upon a new employee can be created by watching his/her desk. Really it works to have a clean desk in the morning. It will let you have a good and stress-less start of the work-day.

Before we continue to the tips of a clean desk, we have to realize the benefits of it. Its because maintaining a clean desk is entirely an psychological practice.

When you see a less-distracted desk, it will allow your mind focus clearly on your most important projects of the moment rather. It will give you more freedom to pursue the project of your choosing and obviously it will be determined by you.

When you start a new work-day, it brings new opportunity as well as the potential of completing something good. But when you see the work-loads of the previous day, it will create a negative impression upon your enthusiasm and reduce your performance along with giving a imaginary pressure. Beside, as my boss said, it will help you to earn an extra reputation about your focus on work and constructive method of working.

Ah! Peace at a peaceful Clean desk

Now, it will be a lot easier for you if you keep all these things in your head.

Though it needs only a little practice to keep a clean desk, but you have to follow some little tricks to keep your desk clean.

You can start shuffling your desk by reducing your office items. It’s an simple and easy task and sometimes simple enough to get overlooked. When you leave your desk at the end of the day, just have a look at the surface of your desk and find out what is unnecessary for the next day.

Make sure that you are making the proper and efficient use of your drawers. Your drawers keeps all your projects, tools and supplies at your fingertips while still removing them from your sight. You can also make categories of your drawers. For example: keep all your stationeries in the firs drawer, all current projects in the second one etc. Just allow only the current project on your desk.

To me, the worst enemy of desk clutter is unfinished projects. Sometimes, a project lay on your desk for weeks and causing extra load at your desk. When you start your day, try to look at all the unfinished projects, and if they took 20 minutes to complete, finish them at first. But if they took longer, place them to your specific drawers.

Be more digitized in your daily tasks. A simple practice of having contact program and schedules in an electronic gazette can reduce 90% of your notes and lists hanging at your desk. This is indeed a good practice that will help you a lot to keep your desk free out of all irritating lists.

While your computer can be helpful to eliminate the clutter from your desk, it can cause distraction of its own. Help your physical desk with a familiar look of your computer desk and find non-distracting wallpapers along with removing all unnecessary icons on the desktop.

At last, take the last five minutes of your office hours to clear the surface of your desk. Be sure that it looks good and not distracting to you. Trust me; your morning will greet you with the same desk that you left last night.

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