How To Deal with Waterlogged Mobile Phones

Mobile phone is a mobile communication device that is easy to carry,so sometime we may forget that we are carrying a gadgets! As we know that electronic gadgets are not waterproof, just a little splash of water hit can disrupt performance, especially if you get flooded. If you have a Waterlogged Mobile Phones, apply a rescue so the damage was not worse.

1. Pick up the phone as soon as possible from the water

Often if the phone fell into the water, we panicked and did not immediately remove it from the water. Do not let your gadget waterlogged for too long because it will cause more severe damage. Immediately remove the phone from the water and immediately turn off your mobile phone.


 2. Dry the phone, remove the cover

Drain immediately phone that is still wet with a towel, then remove the entire cover and mobile phone batteries. Most of the electronic components inside the phone can survive even if exposed to water, as long as there is no power from the battery. Tap gently the dry towel to the parts are visible. See if there are components that appear to change color. If there are changes color to reddish, it means there is damage to the components due to water seepage.

3. Remove the SIM card and memory card
Sim card and memory card is very important, because the necessary data our phone contacts are there. Indeed, the two objects are more waterproof, but to be safe do not put them over the phone before it is completely dry.


4. Dry with vacuum cleaner
During this time many people believe can dry a wet cell phone or gadget with a hairdryer, while the wind pressure on the hairdryer would encourage water to go deeper into the mobile component. Use a vacuum cleaner to dry between mobile phone for 20 minutes, if this way done correctly then the phone can be lit again.


5. Take advantage of rice
Rice is a good absorbent of water, after drying, roll the phone in rice overnight, change the position of the phone every few hours for the water to flow from the sidelines phone. You also can replace rice with silica gel.

That’s a few tips to dry a cell phone waterlogged, repeat these steps to ensure that the phone is completely dry. Now try to turn on the phone, if the phone does not turn on, try connecting the phone to the charger. If the phone starts normally by this way, chances are the damage only occurs in the battery and the battery should be replaced immediately. But if by this way the phone does not go on, immediately take it to the nearest professional service center. It may damage the phone was very severe.


So that was our article on “How To Deal with Waterlogged Mobile Phones”

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