How to Design an Effective Architectural Design Using CAD Software

Drafting architectural Design using CAD software is a process an architect cannot overlook if he or she plans to be practically involved in designing building projects with the aim of bringing these structures to life. This is because the use of CAD software in architecture has since overtaken the process of drafting by hand and all colleges and higher institutions now place their focus on the use of architectural CAD applications to teach students how to draft. There are many software development companies offering their CAD services but we would be using Autodesk Maya for the illustration below.

Learning to design architectural drafts with CAD is a moderately difficult process and every potential architect must define his or her learning process the best way he/she sees fit but we shall try to simplify the process with the following tips:

Starting with the Basics- We are going to assume that the reader already knows how to install his/her CAD software of choice and how to manipulate the tool sets on the design platform, therefore the basics been discussed here is choosing a room/building or architectural drawing you plan to redesign. Having a clear picture of what you want the redesigned room/building to look like is the first step to take and in this case we would be designing a helical Temple structure with three basic components; a support base, four cylindrical support columns and a semi-circular roof attached to the columns.

Designing the Floor Surface- Using your measurements or the measurement you feel would be perfect for the floor, click on your polygon tool to draw a rectangular or square surface according to your measurements. You can then solidify this measurement by clicking on; shade menu->shade all which shades the floor with a black/dark hue.

Designing the Cylindrical Columns- The architectural design process of creating four support columns involves designing just one and then duplicating the design in three places with your duplicate tool. To design a column, you select the cylindrical tool from the polygon menu and proceed to draw the column to meet your measurements. You can also click on the drawn column with the select tool and physically enter measurement digits on the measurement menu that opens by its side. After getting a horizontal cylindrical shape, place it on one of the edges of your rectangular floor and then use the shade tool to shade all which gives it the exact same hue as the surface.

Duplicating the columns in architectural designs- Using the select tool select the designed column, click on the duplicate section which pops out a duplicate menu/form and then proceed to fill the appropriate spaces on the form with details such as; duplicate thrice and align each duplicate at the other edges of your rectangular floor. After imputing the needed information, select apply and the needed three columns would be duplicated and placed at the other edges.

Designing a Semi-Circular Roof- Use the semi circle tool on the polygon menu to design the roof with the exact measurements you need and then place it on top the columns with the use of your move tool and do not forget to shade.

Grouping- Finally, to combine all your components into a single structure, you click on the select tool, hold Ctrl and proceed to select all components. Next, you click on the Grouping tool and select Group which then attaches all components successfully.

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