How to make your smart phone as a drawing pad

Men always like to draw their dreams in their imagination. But, unfortunately not all of them are artists. Besides, there are also those, who have a good hand in drawing, but are worried about where to draw. Don’t worry at all. I got something for you, that will experience you to draw-some.

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Most of us have a smartphone, where we can do almost all things – even make smart phone as a drawing pad. Don’t you think its easy to draw your pictures instantly, when they blink at your thoughts? Here comes the problems with the idea.

Drawing usually needs bigger screens. Usually iPhone screens are small, but Android Smartphones or the iPad will provide you with a bigger screen where you will find the comfort for drawing. Yet if you are not satisfied, then get a stylus for you to use it with your smartphone.

But there are some problems with stylus, which you may find while using those tools. You have to press very hard when you use a stylus in your smartphone and the electrical charge of your finger will extract response from a capacitive screen. The tip of the today’s stylus is soft that may also irritate you.

The multi-touch allows you to do pic-zooming where you will be able to magnify the area where you are painting. That means, you can paint a detailed drawing where obviously in a small screen.

Most important things lies in your practicing and of course in a good painting app. Art studio may a good one, if you are an iPad, iPhone or iPod user. It will provide you will lots of tools along with a various kind of drawing exercise to coach your fingers.

There are some certain things you have to keep in mind. In the busy drawing, you can draw an arrow to point out your words that express your art. Sometimes combining pics instead of word will ease your painting.

Now, practicing these things along with your eagerness to be a smartphone painter will make your phone as a drawing pad.

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  1. Thanks for the article. Its impressive and I am enjoy to read this. Yes its true now any one can be an artist himself by make a drawing on his or her smart phone. cool.

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