How to Stay on Track when Quitting Smoking

Making the decision to stop smoking is a big one for people who have had the habit for years. The issue is that quitting isn’t always as simple as just making the decision. It takes a lot of hard work and vigilance to get cigarettes out of your daily habit and keep away from them in the long term. Here are some tips for putting yourself in a good position to stay off cigarettes.

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Manage Your Cravings

Cravings for cigarettes are not permanent. As such, you don’t always need to be doing things that will keep you away from cigarettes. Instead, just try to respond to cravings in a positive way. Instead of giving into your urges, make a plan for what you will do when cravings come up, and stick to the plan. Eventually, the feeling will subside, and you will feel better for having resisted lighting up a cigarette.

One thing that might help when you have a craving is to reach for something else to chew on. Snack foods like carrot sticks, apples, raisins, or mixed nuts can be good replacements for cigarettes.

You might also think about getting a change of scenery. Urges frequently come up in particular settings or situations. If you are in one of them (like, in a bar), switch things up. Head outside for a walk, or just go into a different type of space.

The biggest thing to remember is that allowing yourself “just one” will wind up being a lot more detrimental than it sounds. You will wind up allowing yourself that one every time you get a craving, which will erase any progress you have made.

Create New Habits

It’s always good to pair your decision to quit smoking with some other lifestyle change. Smoking becomes part of your daily routine, so sometimes the only way to get rid of smoking is to shape up the routine itself.

Try finding some productive hobbies. Exercise is particularly effective because it can help create a healthier lifestyle overall. Jogging, swimming, and playing sports are all good options, as they can take your mind off of cigarettes and they can put healthier living in a positive perspective. Rather than being subtractive, taking away cigarettes, healthy living can also be about adding new interests and hobbies.

Also, try to keep your hands busy in a productive way. Doing chores around the house or focusing on some small hobby can help you take your mind off of smoking if you get the urge to smoke.

In general, it is important to give yourself enough time each day to do things you enjoy. This is about replacing the habit of smoking with more positive habits, and it is also about reducing stress. When you do more of the things you like, you will be less likely to reach for a cigarette as a result of stress.

Keep the Rewards in Mind

There are lots of benefits to quitting, but sometimes it can be easy to lose sight of those when cravings hit you the hardest.

When you first start quitting, take some time to appreciate the positive feelings of being cigarette-free. You will be able to breathe easier, and your ability to taste food and smell flowers will be better as the toxins from cigarettes leave your body. In addition, your teeth will be whiter, and your clothes will no longer smell of smoke, which can be unpleasant for those around you.

It can be tough to keep the benefits in perspective, so try to make note of them when you can and remind yourself of them when you are most tempted to have a cigarette.

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