How to Take Care of Touch Screen Gadget

Take care of touch screen devices!

Increasingly advanced technology has replaced the keypad with touch screen. As we already know that at this time the use of  touch screen gadget is growing, from a smartphone, tablet, iPad, Laptop.

Touch-screen technology on the gadget is vulnerable to damage, using the touch screen must be treated more carefully because the touch screen is more sensitive than the use of the keypad.

Here I will share some tips to take care of touch screen gadgets so isn’t easily broken:

1. Do not press too hard when using the touch screen.
2. Avoid placing the gadget in a tight pants pocket, due to friction and pressure can occur which will damage the touchscreen. Use protective cell phone if you want to put into the pants pocket.
3. Do not expose the LCD screen from sun exposure, because the LCD touch screen is a liquid that will degrade if exposed to direct sunlight.
4. Clean the hands from oil and water when touch LCD screen because the oil and water is a conductor of electricity which can damage the LCD screen.
5. Do not put the touch screen gadgets in one place along with the motorcycle key, car keys or other keys and hard objects, because it can scratch the screen gadgets.
6. Coat the screen with a screen protector to avoid dust and scratches
7. Clean the screen with a soft cloth for cleaning glasses or fabric made ​​from microfiber.


Those are some tips for caring the touchscreen gadgets to avoid damage. Have a nice try. Please share your tips if you have any with us by commenting in the post.

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