Italian Football Championship is for Juventus

The Turin Club “Juventus” won the Italian football championship on Sunday night in Trieste. After a game of gain with Cagliari (2-0), one of the most famous Italian teams secured the first position in the ranking of one of the strongest leagues in the world  of football-Serie a.


AC Milan, which lost in Sunday’s Derby against La Liga (2: 4), lost the last chance to defend the title of Champions remain in second place with four points in time lag.


The title of Champions, has returned to Juventus  after a nine-year, world famous Club won under the leadership of Antonio Conte, former players from this team, for whom this is the first “real” in the role of a coach.

Winner of Italian Football Championship 2012

According to a twitter tweet by Antonio Conte where he said, “When we found ourselves a point adrift of Milan I realized what we were capable of doing what we are looking forward for a long time.”

In Turin the fans make a real vacation after wining this match by their favorite team. Huge celebrations were held all night after the match win. The same is true in some cities of the world as Juventus FC is a team that is very popular around the world.


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