Let’s Talk About Honey!

The Benefit Of Honey
The Benefit Of Honey

Everybody knows about honey, but not all people like it, or consume it regularly. From the article below you’ll find that there are many advantages of consuming honey.

Honey from a Pharmacology View

The advantage of honey in pharmacology history has been known for a long time. Honey has been known as a refreshing drink since BC.

Nowadays, honey is used as a healthy drink that is useful to heal diseases and preserve the corpse. Beside that, honey is considered good for lengthening a human’s age. Honey that is consumed regularly is good for health and can help keep the body young.

Medically, honey has the function of being an antiseptic. Medical research proves that applying honey to the lips of the babies when they are born can be effective in killing germs and dirt that they can bring during the process of confinement. In this case, honey is useful for sterilization.

Ibnu Sina (Avicenna), an international Medical figure (890-1037), consumed honey in his life regularly. As a result, he achieved a long age, had a healthy body, and kept himself young. According to him, honey can cure high blood pressure, and heart diseases.

Children who have a fever should consume honey. Why? Because honey can decrease body temperature and manage secretion, so that a fever can disappear.

Honey produces enzymes that are useful for health. The name of the enzymes are lipase, invertase, diastase, katalase, and peroksidase. Beside that, honey is also rich in minerals. They are iodine, magnesium, iron, sulfur, phosphorus, calcium, zinc and titanium. Honey acts as a hormone, antibiotic, antipoison, and anti cancer agent. These things are useful for speeding biochemical processes in the body therefore resulting in the healing process. In fact honey contains enzymes more than other meals.

Honey can cure stomach upsets, constipation and inflammation of the intestines because honey contains minerals.

Prof. Bernard Descottes, a chief surgeon at Limoges University Hospital in France, says “It sounds too simple to be true, but applying honey over a hard-to-heal wound means rapid healing.”

He has treated more than 300 patients with honey.  It’s ordinary honey that you’d put in your tea or spread on your toast where 95 percent responded with rapid recovery.

According to him, the wounds healed at least eight to ten days faster. Several factors contribute to honey’s healing powers. It is because honey is rich in sugar which helps cells heal. Honey also contains some 17 different substances that help blood circulation on the edge of wounds. It also contains enzymes which help the healing process and natural antibiotic called inhibine.

Dr. Richard Knutson – of the King’s Daughters Hospital in Greenville, Mississippi – has studied the use of honey to speed up healing. And he’s treated the wounds of over 6000 patients with great success.

He also said :”Honey can speed wound healing by up to 25 percent and helps difficult wounds to heal. It’s incredible but true.”

Other minerals, iron and manganese could help the process of digestion and the stimulant to urinate for those who suffer from diabetes.

I suggest that people consume honey, remembering the advantages that they will get. Actually people tend to select syrup and multivitamin pills to keep their stamina rather than honey. After reading this article, wouldn’t you want to rush out and buy honey knowing all the advantages it provides for your health? Besides, it won’t cause side effects for the consumer.

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  1. Its really nice to knows about honey again. Honey is gift from the almighty. We have use it properly so that we can get the benefit of it. Honey can reduce many health diseases and improve our immunity, so that body cam fight against the germs.

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