New Chemical Find May Stop Dentist Visits!

There are many of us who dread or hate visiting the dentists. We hate the drill and equipment that the dentists use to remove teeth cavities. Well those days may be over due to new scientific research.

Two researchers who are in fact dentists themselves, seem to have found a chemical that would make teeth cavity proof – and perhaps stop dentist visits.

The chemical discovery is called ‘Keep 32’. Keep 32 is actually a reference to the number of teeth in a person’s mouth.
The chemical works in just 60 seconds by wiping out bacteria that causes cavities in the teeth.

To make it even easier for those us who suffer from teeth cavities, Keep 32 could be added to dental care products including toothpaste, mouthwash and chewing gum.
The chemical has been tested for the past seven years but is only now going into human trials.

Researchers José Córdoba from Yale University and Erich Astudillo from the University of Chile said Keep 32 could be on the market in about 18 months.

(Source: Yahoo News)

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  1. Nice name for a dental use chemical “Keep 32” but in the article writer did not mention any short of side affect about the chemical or anything like that. Even there is no deatils about it , i means hoe it works and what is the precaususness about the chemical.

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