One’s Own Choice About Smoking

Last night while chatting with one of my young cousins, he said to me that his girlfriend had left him and that he was feeling so weak to start smoking again. Obviously it is just one example why people feel the urge to start smoking again. I also know many smokers that say that smoking helps to reduce tension and to forget worries. However, when a whiff of cigarette makes the smoker feel relaxed, the non-smoker has trouble breathing and are actually passive smokers. I do admit, however, that smoking is a less harmful form of addiction though it can be the cause of serious health issues later on. I’m sure even a single chain smoker knows the bad effects of smoking so I say no more except that….“Smoking is bad for your health, dude. Quit it!”

At the end of the day, it’s your life and it is totally your personal choice I suppose.

Let’s get back to my cousin. He showed me one of the reasons why a lot of people start smoking. I thought about this fact and also other reasons why people start smoking due to peer pressure, facing different types of family problems, fulfilling the need to belong, etc. Others smoke for other ludicrous reasons like to look glamorous or to attract the opposite gender.

Nicotine is renowned for keeping the nerves calm. A puff or two before any important meeting or presentation helps one to feel relaxed and ready to face the situation. It often even helps people to socialize. Above all these facts, a smoker feels that smoking simply feels good and helps to cope with any awkward situation easily. Teen smokers feel it makes them look more masculine or like an adult.

No one can deny the fact that we like to look good in front of others. In my opinion, to look presentable and stay beautiful, one should stay away from smoking. Smoking causes bad breath and that indicates an unhygienic personality. It also causes teeth to stain. Above all, a smoker looks like a smoker and looks like they’ll age very quickly!

Why not make a change? Quit smoking. If you feel there are more positives in smoking then just remember that smoking often turns your natural good looks into deep wrinkles very quickly. You’re look ten times more older than a non-smoker!

You are also paying cigarettes for killing thyself. If a smoker spends $80 each day for smoking, he has to spend about $2400 in a month for this habit. Then count how much money you are going to spend in a year. On the positive side, at least government is going to get some taxes and hopefully spend it a little of it on the welfare of their country!

In my discussion, I have leaned towards the fact that there are many cooler ways to die than through smoking. On the other hand, I want smokers or those wanting to smoke to make informed choices for themselves. After all, it is one’s own personal decision. By the way, my cousin was not feeling very positive about the overall effects of smoking again and decided not to start smoking!

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  1. Nowadays, youths think smoking is a part of smartness; which is a totally wrong concept. Rather it harms to health a lot.

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