Prayer Mat That Illuminates When Facing Ka’ba


When a muslim goes to an unknown place, more often than not they get confused about where the Qiblah direction is to stand for prayer (shalah). But a mat prayer that has been embed with a new technology can answer this problem. A Prayer Mat has been invented that actually illuminates light when facing the Qiblah.

El Sajjadah – is the name of this Prayer Mat.  It is the result of an innovation by an inventor Soner Oznec.  He is a designer from Turkey that lives in London, England.

The name ‘El Sajjadah’ itself comes from the word Electro Luminescent (EL) and Sajadah –  is a prayer mat that is commonly used by Muslims for prayer. This advanced prayer mat is  implanted with a tiny computer and a digital compass in it.

These technological tools help the ‘El-Sajjadah’ find the Ka’ba or the Qiblah direction for the muslims to pray by illuminating the light on the patterns on the mat when facing the Ka’ba.

The Mosque pattern on the prayer mat is a pixel by pixel drawing of a small scale model of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey.  El Sajjadah can also illuminate a room when hung on the wall.

So far, there have been no negative comments about the El Sajjadah prayer mat. If in some cases some feel that the power of the light glare is too powerful and could disturb the concentration of prayer, do not worry. There is an ‘off’ button on the side of the mat that can be turned off if you feel the glare of the light is bothersome.

The Video :

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