Sex Secrets of Pleasing Women

Without a doubt, men love to be able to please their woman sexually in the bedroom. Of course, women love to be pleasured and certainly feel lots of love. Sadly, lots of men really have no idea what it takes to actually please a woman and before too long, she may feel dissatisfied and start to dream what Mr Perfect might be like. Here goes guys, we’ve done some research for you! We can guarantee you’ll have a very satisfied and happy woman.

Romantic & Loving talk. As women are more emotional, they love to be seduced by romantic and charming talk from their partner. They love cuddles, hand-holding and kissing. Remember, women need good and happy feelings to have satisfying sex. If you’ve had a fight, criticised or used harsh language with her, it will turn her off you sexually at that time. Gentle, kind and loving words will make a woman become very enthusiastic and passionate during sex. Why not treat each other for a relaxing massage?

Cleanliness and Hygiene. Nothing turns a woman off more than a man who’s not showered before making love. It’s important to have a shower and it would also be a very good idea to use good cologne that enhances the manly natural fragrances of your body.

Knowledge is Power. Sex is an art that needs research and exploration. There is an awful lot to learn about this art and of course there are endless books, toys and videos you can both watch that will heighten your sexual experience together. Be aware of what your woman likes in bed and the unique things you can do to please her.

Knowing how to touch her. Foreplay is important to ensuring a woman will after some time start begging you to penetrate her. Caress her and linger on her sensitive spots. Stroke a girl gently with delicate touches and let your hands wander all over her before reaching out to the more prominent places. She’ll love the sensation and go crazy.

Keeping Sex Interesting and Exciting. There are couples who tend to get themselves into a boring rut by engaging in the same sexual behaviours. Did it know it’s really important to have fun and to laugh during this time? Playfulness can make the moments really enjoyable and relaxing. After some time, sex becomes an obligation rather than an act of enjoyment and pleasure. It’s important to try different positions or utilise some new tricks and tips to keep things hot and steamy in the bedroom.

Giving Women Time. Don’t rush into the act of penetration. For a guy, it’s all about driving the car into the garage. But women love a long drive first. Take your time and penetrate her only when she can’t wait any longer. Don’t finish yourself off first. If you feel like you can’t hold on, warn her a few minutes ahead so she can climax with you. Men also need to remember that a woman doesn’t always have to climax or reach an orgasm to be satisfied. Foreplay in itself can give a woman a lot of satisfaction.

Warm attention after sex is important

After lovemaking has ceased and the man has reached climax, women love it so much more when a man cuddles and holds them afterwards. Some women complain that men fall asleep immediately after the act. During sex, a man’s endorphin level is very high. After ejaculation, he goes through a refractory phase where he loses his erection and all his systems gear down. In females this phase happens gradually. However, if you don’t like him falling asleep immediately, tell him without putting him down. Alternatively, let him sleep in your arms for a few minutes and gently wake him up afterwards.


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