Teronga Inspirational Exclusive : Solar-Energized Motorcycle

“The inventor of the solar-energized motorcycle is Zubaier from Magura. Helpful to maintain regularity, fuel-saver & environment-friendly this motorcycle is introduced by Zubaier Hossain the local people of Parnanduali, Magura. Instead of using fuel this motorcycle can be run by air & solar-energy. Zubaier has given its name ’Digital Easy Cycle’. The motorcycle is being designed with an automated dual circuit where it can’t be started without a special type of helmet. It’s design is quiet similar with the Japanese product called Honda. As it isn’t run by fuel the motorcycle doesn’t emit any harmful elements or smoke. It’s speed is 50km per hour. The motorcycle again doesn’t create any noise or sound so it is said to be environment-friendly”.

Photo Courtesy: Unknown Facebook Page
The inventor riding his motor bike

Hats off to him. With his limited knowledge he invented such a beauty which is environment friendly and easy to maintain! We will feature in detail about this project and the inventor

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