Teronga Monthy Prize Give-Aways!! – Win Latest Mobile Handsets & Tech Gadgets

UPDATE: Campaign closed. New Campaign will be added soon so keep in touch!

We are excited to announce a monthly “PRIZE GIVEAWAY” which includes either a cool Smart Phone or Tech Gadget. All you have to do is visit our website www.teronga.com. (Please read our Rules & Conditions for Eligibility for Winning)


As we just mentioned, Prizes include either latest mobile handsets /or Tech Gadget every Month to one of our lucky website visitors. To be eligible, you have to visit our website and make comments about any articles that interest you. The highest commenter will be rewarded with the monthly prize.


To be eligible for winning the handset:

0. Like us in Facebook.

1. Open an account ( Register) at www.teronga.com from the Manage your profile sidebar option ( Right hand side of the website). You have to register with the same username that you used to register with Facebook/twitter.

2. Always log in the website then start visiting articles.

3. Comment on articles that you like. Ask us questions or share your feelings after reading the articles. It’s as simple as that!


The highest commenter will be gifted with the MONTHLY PRIZE!


For the Rules of Commenting Click here


Example of

  • You logged in the website.
  • You visited 10 articles and gave 20 comments randomly on those 10 articles. You will earn 10 points. If you visit 100 articles and give 100 comments then you will be earning 100 points. Simple isn’t it?
  • Why not stay logged in?



So start visiting our website. The campaign will start from 1st of  October, 2012. So read away and make comments or give us constructive feedback on our articles. For that, you’ll in for a chance to win yourself a great prize.


The easiest way to keep yourself updated with our latest posts is to visit our site & subscribe to our News Feed. We only deliver one email in a day to let you know about the new posts of that day. To subscribe to our feed just follow this link and enter your email address. We will never spam you as its directly maintained by Web Giant Google’s Feed Burner . You will gain 5 bonus points first month for staying in our News Feed Subscription. When you register we also add you automatically in the system, just you have to confirm any link you get to your email.

Please visit here to receive daily email updates: http://bit.ly/Ngu86X

Or just put your email address below which will take you to the next page

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So, Best of Luck!

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  1. I have a question for the admin here, my question is since when the comments will be counted as point. on the above articles written if the campaign will start on first October, is it mean that the comment will be counted as point since the first October ? Thank before for the explanation.

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