The ultimate reasons why you need to be vegetarian!

Would you like to live healthy and long? A very easy and effective way to do so is to be a vegetarian. Not only that, it keeps the whole animal planet to be thankful to you!!! A total of 70 percent of all Americans suffer for the diseases that are directly linked with their eating habits-informed former surgeon general C. Everett Koop of USA. Beside, loads of studies confirmed that a balanced meal of fruits, vegetables and grains are helpful for a healthier life. It will also let you do a favor to the planet by helping to conserve natural resources and preventing pollutions generated by animal agriculture. And you may give yourself thanks, when you will think that no animal is suffering for your meal. I can say lots of reasons to switch for a plant-based diet, but will serve you the foremost reasons for this.

It is very shocking that cardiovascular disease is the number one killer among all the diseases ofUSApeople. The Standard American Diet (SAD) blamed saturated fat and cholesterol of meats and other animal products for this disease. This disease is found in one of every nine women aged between 45 to 66 and in one of every three women aged over 65. The scenario of heart attack is almost similar. The average American male who takes meat-based diet, has a 50 percent chance to die in heart disease. This risk will drop up to 4 percent if you cut meats from your meals. Beside you will also be astonished to know that cholesterol level of vegetarians is 14 percent lower than that of the meat eaters. It will also increase the antioxidant nutrients which save your heart and arteries.

What about that, when you hear that the vegans (who do not eat any product from animals) lives 15 years and vegetarians lives seven years longer than meat eaters, which was reveled from a study of Loma Linda University and this finding is supported by the China health project-the biggest population study on diet. The project found that Chinese people, who eat a very small amount of meat and animal products, have the lowest risk and percentage of cancer, chronic and heart diseases. Another British study that was conducted upon 6,000 vegetarians and 5,000 meat eaters for 12 years, suggests that vegetarians suffer 40 percent fewer than the meat eaters in cancer and 20 percent in other diseases.

Another study of the international Journal of Cancer revealed that red meat is a strong reason of breast cancer. The National Cancer Institute says that those who eat meat everyday have a four time higher risk of getting breast cancer than those who doesn’t eat it. In the contrary, the Harvard Nurses health Study says people who take at least one serving of vegetables per day, reduce theirs risk of breast cancer by 20 to 30 percent. The study of German Cancer Research Center states that this is because the immune system of vegetarians is more efficient and effective in killing tumor cells than those of the meat eaters.

At last, being vegetarian will help you to reduce your costs of food bills in an average of 4,000 dollars a year. Do you need any other reasons to introduce this habit?? I guess not.