Tips Combining Color with Color Wheel

Everyone, especially women want to look stylish and stunning. One things that must be considered is the dress, the way we dress, and how do we combine the clothes we wear is important to know so we can look stylish.
Wearing clothes with matching color is standard but to look stylish and stunning we can try to combine bright colors so we look more fresh.

There are some tips in combining clothes color and accessories, this tips used by designers and celebrities in combining contrast colors to make it look matching by using color wheel approach.

Color wheel is some colors in the form of a circle (like a wheel shape) which is structured in such a way so it looks like the image below:



Color Clothes Combination with Color Wheel

So, how do we determine the color combination of the dress from color wheel above? The following are the tips :

Adjacent color combinations. The combination of colors next to each other on the color wheel create the effect of a good harmony. Look at the color wheel, we take the example of the mix of colors purple (violet) with a blue-purple color (blue-violet). Two colors next to each other and it produces a mix that looks very suitable and fitting.
Now, look at the picture mix purple with blue-violet following:

Looks Matching, right? However, this color combination was less challenging. If you want a more challenging color combinations, then follow the next points.


Combinations of colors that form a 90 degree angle on the color wheel
How to determine is one color to another color has a distance of two arms (forming an angle of 90 degrees) on the color wheel. An example is the combination of the purple color (violet) with blue-green, for more details see the following picture:

Another example is yellow shirt fit combined with a pair of red-orange color. Well, as this color combination would look more challenging than the first option on the last point.
You can also combine these colors for clothing combination with accessories such as shoes, bags, and others.

Combinations of clothes colors with the opposite color on the color wheel. For example, a combination of green with red. Another example is the combination of yellow with purple. For more details you can see in the image below:

This Color combination will make you look striking, because the character of opposing colors combined. Well, if you’ve never tried this color combination, then there is no harm if you start to try, because it will make you look different than before. Choose a color that you like, and select other colors as opposed to the existing colors in the color wheel.

The next combination is to combine the existing colors on the color wheel so that the combination form the letter of “T”. For more details you can see in the following image :

From the example above shows that the combination which form the letter “T” will produce mix of 3 colors, in contrast to previous combinations that simply combining two colors.
Here is the application three colors on the color wheel that form the letter “T”:


Color combinations that form the letter “X”.
Color clothes Combinations that form the letter “X” on the color wheel will result in a richer mix color, because you can combine up to 4 colors. You can applies this not juts to clothes, but also can be applied to bags, shoes, scarves, hats or accessories that you wear. In the image below, you can combine yellow-green, orange, red-violet and blue colors:

Well, hopefully above article can help you to explore your appearance on wearing clothes in more colorful way. So that will make you look different and more fresh.