Tips To Care Feet by Spa

Leg as the body support is very prone to feeling tired and dirty, foot problem that often arises is feet dry and cracked, feet should therefore also be considered to take care. If we go to the mall we could find many foot spa-like menicure and pedicure treatments. But there’s nothing wrong if we also perform routine foot care at home.


Here are some tips on caring for the feet naturally:

1. Soak feet in warm water.

Soak feet in warm water can relieve fatigue in the legs, feet and body will feel relaxed. While soaked with warm water, do small message on feet, you can mix the warm water bath with a little salt and olive oil.

2. After the soak for 15 minutes, scrub feet with a soft brush slowly on the rough heel. Until heel feels smooth and feel soft.

3. You can use a piece of lemon to rub the feet and nails to look white and shiny.

4. Then lift feet from warm water immersion and dry with a soft towel

5. After that you can apply moisturizing lotion so feet stay gentle and moisture.

6. To clean the nail polish you can use acetone-free nail polish so that luster of nail stay awake and nail not easily broken. Wearing nail polish remover that contains acetone can make your nails look dull and rough.