Top 5 Summer Olympic Hair Trends

Without a doubt, the 2012 London Summer Olympics is one of the World’s most famous and spectacular international sporting events. Since the Olympics started, it seems that the buzz is not only around the sporting events and the competitors, but around design, trends and fashion inspired by the event in general.

The 5 top  Olympic hair trends for the summer, inspired by the 2012 Olympics are:

Tight Runners Ponytail


1. The Tight Runners Ponytail
During this summer, the ponytail is the gold medal winner inspired by Olympic sprinters. It’s a no-fuss elegant and simple lifestyle that is suited to hot weather.

The trend is to pull back the hair in a ponytail tight and high. Use a hair elastic band the same colour as your hair. Smooth out your ponytail using a paddle brush and use any type of hair smoothing serum that will deal with the flyaways! Now you’re done!

2. The Slicked Back Swimmer Style
Olympic swimmers have inspired us with their slicked-back and wet-look hairstyles. It’s a trend that will work well if you’re lounging by the pool or stretching out on the sand. It can turn into a sophisticated evening look with a sexy black cocktail dress. This style is easy and versatile and works on any hair length.

Wash and condition your hair with some good quality hair products, towel dry your hair and comb through using any hair product to sort out any tangles and give you that glossy wet look.

3. High Jumping High Style
In high jump and pole jump, the Athletes defy gravity, seemingly suspending themselves in air and time. The Quiff is a trendy hairstyle that anyone can jump to.

Backcomb the front section of your hair and spray it with lots of hairspray. Take a section at the front of your hair; use a hot roller to roll hair backwards away from your face. After 15 minutes, remove the roller. Your hair at the forehead will be set in a barrel curl. Next, roll the curl back and to the side. Secure the barrel curl using kirby grips, fixing to the hair underneath, but behind the curl to hide the grips. Finish with a spritz of hairspray.
4. Synchronised Braids
Taking inspiration from our synchronised swimmers, you can wear your braids a bit more relaxed, so you look beautiful and grown up. This hairstyling trend works best if your hair needs a wash or its colour needs to be refreshed or it’s wet from the pool or the beach.

You can achieve this look by pulling your locks around to the side and loosely plait your hair so that it hangs down over one shoulder. Beautiful!

5. Get Patriotic
Why not wear your national country’s colours, in your hair? One of the hottest trends is using colour blocked pastel hair colours. Think gelato hues of lemon, orange, strawberry, blueberry and apple. This trend is about soft solid colour.

Grab some wash out colour products or pop into the salon for a more permanent colour. Be sure to hydrate your hair after putting in hair colours. You can use hair conditioning treatments on your hair while you are watching your favourite events for a deep conditioning treatment.

Swimmer's Braid hairstyle

(Source: Australian Lifestyle)


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