Under Water Wedding Photographs

Under water wedding photographs started to become a trend in the U.S. and Europe for the new couple to capture their love. Although risk of danger but the beauty and romantic impression that they got when posing in the water did not dampen the demand.

Met Addock a photographer from Mexico said that he has worked with hundreds of couples who celebrate and perpetuate their wedding in a unique way by posing in the water.

Photo shoot usually done in exotic places with the background of beautiful underwater scenary such as in coral rock, or in a place where a lot of ornamental fish passing by, and at the end of the photo shoot usually some couples release their clothes and let it fall into water.

To shoot in the water is risky danger and requires a large team. The photographer should also be good at finding a safe place so that the couples can stand in the water, and rescue team are also required whenever held photo shoot in the water.

Sometimes the photographer had to throw the camera in order to save the bride when entwined to her wedding dress in the water.

It takes many hours to do a photo shoot in the water, the greatest difficulty is when the bride and the team photo against the chill of the water, in addition the photographers are also required to be able to steer the style of bridal so it’s will look like a professional photo model and to keep their eyes remain open when in take the shoot in the water.