Using Beauty Products for Quick Fixes

Are you aware that your everyday beauty products can be used to fix everyday problems? Yes that’s right, things like your hairdryer, hairspray, nail polish and baby oil can be used for quick fixes! Read more here to find out more.

  1. The Hairdryer


The Hairdryer not only works to dry your hair, but did you know that there are other benefits of using the hair dryer that does not even have to do with beauty? If the vehicle has a dent on the metal panels (such as the trunk, roof, or cover), you can fix it with a hair dryer. Simply set the heat at medium level and point it at a dented section for one minute until the paint is warm, then hit the back of the dent part. Switch to a colder temperature and voila! the car has been repaired!

  1. Hairspray

Hairspray can remove any stain, from hair dye stains to spilled drinks. Simply spray hairspray on the stain and rub until it disappears.

  1. Nail Polish


Cover the bottom of your shaving cream cans, or a variety of toiletries and laundry made ​​of metal, with a sweep of nail polish to prevent the formation of rust.

  1. Eyes Shadow Brush

Little corners and exposed parts of the keyboard can easily attract various dirt &  dust very easily (especially if you eat at your desk). But a brief sweep with a make-up brush can help you clean it up.

  1. Baby Oil

Use baby oil for polishing wood furniture or even shoes and leather bags. Baby oil can be a polisher, remove water stains, and even provide anti-water coating on wood.

  1. Eyeliner

Need to record a phone number but do not have a pen? Take a lipliner or eyeliner, which can be used for the same function. Do not use lipstick, because it can break easily.

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  1. Yes its true that we can use them in various way to help our daily life. Hair dryer solution is really awesome. Hope we will try sometimes.

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