What does Freedom Means to You?


Freedom is a word we use frequently in our daily speech. Though if I ask a question to my readers, what is freedom means? I know many of them will find it difficult to answer or otherwise provide very different answers. Freedom as a word appears to have different meanings to different people in different times and situation. The concept of freedom has kept many of us puzzled since the beginning of humankind and still continues into the future. I believe that Freedom does not have a constant meaning or definition.

Today I am not going to confuse my readers about the meaning of freedom in general. This article is simply my way of  sharing my own personal view about freedom and the reasons why I have defined it as so. I simply want to provide some food for thought and to encourage my readers what they think freedom really means to them. Whenever I examine the word freedom, I can see the burdens of the past and restrictions of the present preventing us from feeling 100% freedom. I’m from a conservative family and many restrictions have been imposed upon me from my early age. I was bound to lock myself in a self-made prison, as I was not ever allowed to become emotionally available to others. So I always dreamed to lead a lifestyle which I had the full freedom to create.


In my opinion, freedom comes from letting go of all concerns and approvals from others. I have always believed that we all are special and unique in this universe. And to have liberty or real freedom means to have faith in this idea, no matter what you are or what you do. Remember you have got something unique that makes you special from all others in the World.

I don’t consider myself a philosopher but how I define freedom is all about what I have learned from my personal life. I”m sure many of my readers will be able to relate to my personal views on freedom. I would also like to suggest that another person or place cannot give us 100% freedom. Freedom is something that lies inside of you.  So whenever you feel like a prisoner, try to free yourself the restrictions or limitations of your own self-beliefs and thoughts. Real freedom has and always will be within you from since your birth.

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