Why Affairs Happen?

Why Affairs Can Happen ?
Why Affairs Can Happen ?

One of the hardest phenomena we are facing today, especially in big cities, is that a lot of people are having tendencies to have affairs. Psychologists state that due to the overwhelming pressures and stress faced by many in today’s fast world, many fall prey to having affairs.

Those who fear strongly about their partner cheating on them should  try to understand the causes of why some men and women are vulnerable to having affairs.

By realizing what causes people to have affairs, you may be able to prevent your own partner by being tempted to have an affair.

The following aspects are the main causes why people are having affairs :

  • Loneliness

The primary cause of affairs is loneliness – the feeling that develops when intimacy is lacking in one’s life. People feel alone when they have no one with whom to share the events, both major and minor of their lives. So it very important for love partners to have constant intimacy they can share and enjoy with each other to make their love relationship stronger.

You should also understand your partner’s attitudes and behaviors and accept them as part of their nature without trying to change them. On the other hand you should also get the same understanding from your partner. This mutual understanding plays a very important role in creating a strong and loving relationship.

  • Monotony

Couples should be able to create a rich and varied life to enjoy together towards their true happiness. It’s important to remember that variety is the spice of life and if not, sooner or later monotony will invite boredom between love partners.

Rich variations of life is not only in enjoying their everyday activities together but in their social lives with close friends, business partner/s and relatives. There needs to be variation in their private lives also which includes sex  to enrich their life and love.

  • Failure to communicate

Most couples fail to communicate in healthy ways and then quite often end up arguing or blaming each other constantly. They misunderstand each other easily and then constant argument and bickering leads to long term resentment and mistrust.

The most important aspects needed in creating good and warm communication between couples are, of course, understanding and appreciating each other properly. Each partner should realize the likes and dislikes of his or her love partner. They should be able to communicate in healthy, loving and honest ways so as not to hurt the other one.

  • Establish Priorities

Whatever your other concerns – job, family, children, social lives – your relationship with your spouse or your partner must take precedence. Time and effort must go first into your love relationship – and then into other aspects of your life. If you don’t recognize your priorities in this way, you may as well kiss your  partner good-bye.

  • Avoid trigger points

Communication can be destructive or nurturing, tearing down or building self-esteem. It is easy to slip into destructive patterns that erode self-worth and eventually destroy the love relationship you would like to foster. There is or are trigger points which can cause a severe fight between couples, and the trigger points is different for every couple depending on the strength of the relationship. Watch for and avoid those trigger points that can cause anger and resentment in your love relationship. If you can identify and neutralize them, you will develop more effective communication and a better and healthy love relationship.

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  1. Sometime affair could be still happened even about the recruitment above already fulfilled between couple. as human whom have feeling of love, some time can not be avoid when we already have couple than we in love again to the other one,that natural I think, but the most important things is try hard to avoid any special relation when we already having spouse. there also old saying, “when you marry than closed your eyes, your ear, and your mouth to the other beside our couple or spouse.” and loyalty is above all. However this is nice article too.

  2. Human never leave alone. Its an universal truth. We are depended each other. When we fall in love with someone, we are enjoying our time together but end of the day everyone need some space for their own.

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