Yogic Tradition For Healthy Life

The yogic tradition has emerged in ancient days by the saints. Yoga is an observation of breathing. As per records, yoga is of many types like Pathanjali yoga, Siddha Samadhi yoga, Raja yoga and Bhakthi yoga etc. Though it is categorized into various forms, ultimately the theme of yoga is to attain control of mind (thought process) in other words, self-control.

Aasana” is a part of yoga which refers to the practice of corporeal poses. As this is a part of yoga, the name Yogasanas. These aasana’s are further classified into various types of which include:

  • surya-namaskara”, the divine way of praying to the supreme god – Sun, who takes the charge of health

  • Pranayama”, the breathing exercises for proper intake of oxygen

  • Several postures for various health problems

Later on as the as guru’s emerged, people segregated it into many categories as per their need. It is for mental and physical fitness. It transforms the body if concentrated and moulded well. It’s a relaxation method which can’t be obtained by doing anything else. Regular practice of yoga, not only shapes and tones the body, but also changes the mind-set and allows you to lead a stress-free life. Practicing yoga for years increases the life-span. It allows you to stay fit and healthy without falling sick. It acts as a preventive measure and lets you live free from viral toxicities that attack by dispersion.

One attains self-control and self-confidence to achieve anything in life. Yoga practice takes away your short temper and relieves different types of phobia. It also limits the appetite without getting tempted towards food. Certain poses involve certain benefits. It produces heat in the body. Depth into yoga awakens the inner soul. It is spread world-wide and getting popular to a greater extent. Eastern countries have adopted yoga and are practicing it frequently.

Practice of Gyana yoga among children contributes a greater level of concentration and knowledge. It tones the child’s body and mind. Long run through yoga results in control of desires. One attains discipline and a systemic pattern in life. These days, schooling yoga has become commercial. But, for its plentiful health benefits, people started rushing towards it. For those who can’t afford to enrol in yoga classes, they can go for payday loans as it’s a simple process of obtaining credit and moreover doesn’t require any credit check.

Rules of Yoga:

Yoga when practised early in the morning i.e. in between 4 -7 to give the best fair output. The place designated for yoga must have a roof and ventilation without anyone’s intrusion. So plan accordingly and make yoga a part of your life for a long and healthy life.

**Note: As we all are humans and are seldom inclined to to minor ailments and health complications, it’s good being covered under life insurance dogmas like medical policies to meet the expenses in emergencies, PPI claims when you turn redundant due to natural or unusual calamities etc. As a result, plan ahead and off you go in either personal or professional life.

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