Youngest Star in History?

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24hourhiphop.comThanks to her father and mother who are both in the music industry the world now has the youngest person every appear on the Billboard chart!  Jay-Z and Beyonce are two great artist who have made it big in the music industry and now they have started their first child into the spotlight.  Jay-Z’s newest and hottest song “Glory” has been rising steadily on the charts. You may notice that in this song it is featured by B.I.C.  Some may wonder who is the new star?  As you listen to the song you will hear a baby crying and that should answer your question.  The person feartured in “Glory” is Jay-Z’s own daughter Blue Ivy Carter.  This song is very special because not only is the new baby featured in this song, but also this song was dedicated to the new star.

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  1. Katie Miller

    January 13, 2012 at 9:46 am

    Thats really cool!!!

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