10 Best Day Trips from NYC

Have you ever wondered where you could go on a fun adventure just a short drive away from New York City? Well, you’re in luck! Today, we’re going to talk about the 10 Best Day Trips from NYC. Imagine hopping into a car, traveling for a little while, and discovering amazing places that are perfect for a day of fun. Are you ready to find out where you can go?

1: Beacon, NY

Beacon is a town filled with art and history. One of the coolest things about Beacon is the Dia Beacon museum, where you can see big, beautiful artworks that will make you go “wow!” There’s also a lovely Main Street with cute shops and yummy places to eat. If you love exploring and seeing new things, Beacon is the place for you!

2: Kingston, NY

Moving on to our next adventure spot, we have Kingston, NY! Kingston is a special place because it has a mix of old-time charm and fun things to do. Did you know that Kingston used to be the capital of New York way back in the old days? Cool, right? When you visit, you can walk around the waterfront and even hop on a boat to see the river. Plus, there are tasty ice cream shops where you can treat yourself after a day of exploring. Kingston is like a storybook town waiting for you to visit

3: Mohonk Preserve, NY

Imagine a big, open space with tall trees, rocky cliffs, and paths just waiting for you to walk on them. The Mohonk Preserve is like a giant outdoor playground! You can go hiking, see stunning views, and even have a picnic with your family or friends. Birds chirping, fresh air, and lots of fun – that’s what you’ll find at Mohonk Preserve.

4: New Paltz, NY

This town is super duper fun, especially if you like to be outdoors. New Paltz is close to big, rocky mountains called the Shawangunk Mountains. They might sound tricky to say, but they’re perfect for adventurers like you! You can go for a hike, see beautiful waterfalls, and even try rock climbing if you’re feeling brave. And when you’re done exploring, New Paltz has yummy places to grab a snack and relax. It’s like a big outdoor playground with a tasty treat waiting at the end!

5: Phoenicia, NY

Phoenicia, NY! Imagine a tiny town surrounded by big, green forests and sparkling streams. That’s Phoenicia for you! One of the coolest things about this place is its peaceful vibe. You can listen to the sounds of nature, go for a gentle walk by the water, or even have a fun picnic with your family. If you’re looking for a calm and beautiful spot to relax and enjoy nature’s wonders, Phoenicia is the place to be!

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6: Cornwall, NY

Moving along on our adventure, let’s explore Cornwall, NY! This town is nestled near a big, shimmering river called the Hudson River. Imagine walking along the riverbank, feeling the gentle breeze on your face, and watching boats sail by. Cornwall is also known for its history and beautiful views. You can learn about the past while enjoying the present moment. And if you’re lucky, you might spot some ducks swimming or even see a big ship passing by. Cornwall is a blend of history, beauty, and fun waiting for you!

7: Kerhonkson, NY

Kerhonkson, NY! This spot is like a nature lover’s dream come true. Imagine big, green forests where you can go on exciting hikes and discover hidden trails. If you love the outdoors, Kerhonkson has lots to offer! You can listen to the birds singing, spot colorful flowers, and maybe even see a cute squirrel hopping around. It’s a place where you can feel close to nature and have a fantastic adventure!

8: Cold Spring, NY

Let’s keep our adventure going with a visit to Cold Spring, NY! This town is like a picture-perfect postcard with its charming streets and lovely views. Cold Spring is nestled right by the Hudson River, offering breathtaking sights of the water and the mountains beyond. One of the coolest things to do here is taking a stroll down Main Street, where you’ll find cute shops, tasty bakeries, and friendly faces. Plus, if you’re up for a little hike, there are trails nearby that lead to stunning viewpoints. Cold Spring is a blend of beauty, history, and small-town charm!

9: Hunter, NY

Hunter is a place that loves adventures, especially in the great outdoors. Have you ever seen big, snowy mountains? In winter, Hunter Mountain is the place to be for skiing and snowboarding fun! But that’s not all; in other seasons, you can go hiking, ride on chairlifts to see amazing views, or even attend fun events like music festivals. Hunter is like a big playground where every season brings a new kind of fun!

10: Woodstock, NY

Last but certainly not least, let’s visit a place that’s famous all around for its music and artsy vibes: Woodstock, NY! Even though it’s known for a big music festival from a long time ago, Woodstock is still buzzing with creativity and fun. Imagine colorful shops, talented artists, and live music playing in the background as you explore. You can find unique souvenirs, enjoy delicious food from local cafes, and maybe even catch a street performance! Woodstock is like a magical place where art, music, and fun come together to create memories you’ll never forget.

And there you have it! Those are the 10 Best Day Trips from NYC that offer a mix of fun, adventure, and beautiful sights just a short drive away.