10 Best Things To Do in Savannah

Hey there, friends! Have you ever wanted to go on an adventure in a place full of history, fun, and exciting things to do? Well, get ready because today we’re going to explore one of the coolest cities in Georgia – Savannah! Savannah is a beautiful city filled with old buildings, pretty parks, and lots of interesting stories to discover.

1: Riding the Ferry

Our first stop on our Savannah journey is to hop aboard the ferry! Imagine sailing on a big boat across the water, feeling the breeze on your face and watching the seagulls fly by. It’s like being a pirate on a treasure hunt! The ferry takes you from one side of the river to the other, giving you a great view of the city skyline and the big cargo ships coming in. It’s a fun way to see Savannah from a different perspective!

2: Spending a Day on Tybee Island

Our next stop is a sandy paradise called Tybee Island! Imagine spending a whole day on an island with soft sand beneath your toes and waves crashing gently on the shore. You can build sandcastles, search for seashells, or splash around in the ocean. There are also yummy seafood restaurants where you can taste delicious fish and shrimp! Tybee Island is like a dream come true for beach lovers, and it’s just a short drive from Savannah.

3: Touring the Historic Churches

Our journey through Savannah continues with a visit to some of the city’s oldest and most beautiful churches. These churches are like giant, majestic castles made of stone, with towering spires that reach up to the sky. Inside, you’ll find stained glass windows that tell stories from long ago and peaceful quiet where you can sit and reflect. Some of these churches have been around for hundreds of years, so they’re like time machines taking us back to the past. It’s a fascinating way to learn about the history and culture of Savannah!

4: Re-enacting Forrest Gump Moments

Now, who here loves a good movie? Well, get ready because our next activity in Savannah is all about one of the most famous movies ever made – Forrest Gump! Remember the scene where Forrest sits on a bench and tells his life story? Well, guess what? You can visit that very bench in Savannah! It’s like stepping right into the movie! You can also re-enact other favorite moments from Forrest Gump, like running through the park or shouting “Run, Forrest, run!” It’s a super fun way to bring a classic movie to life and create some unforgettable memories.

5: Exploring Bonaventure Cemetery

Our next destination in Savannah might sound a bit spooky, but don’t worry, it’s full of fascinating history and beauty – Bonaventure Cemetery! Picture walking through a peaceful garden filled with towering trees and winding pathways. This cemetery is like an outdoor museum, with elaborate tombstones and statues telling stories of the past. You might even spot some famous names from Savannah’s history! It’s a quiet and reflective place where you can admire the artistry of the monuments and learn about the people who once walked the streets of Savannah.

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6: Embarking on Savannah Black History Tours

Our journey through Savannah takes us to a very important and meaningful experience – the Savannah Black History Tours. These tours are like stepping into a time machine, taking us back to learn about the struggles and triumphs of African Americans in Savannah. We’ll visit places where important events in black history took place, like churches where freedom fighters gathered and neighborhoods where famous activists lived. It’s a powerful way to honor the past and gain a deeper understanding of Savannah’s rich cultural heritage.

7: Strolling Through Savannah Walking Tours

Lace up your walking shoes because our next activity in Savannah is all about exploring on foot with the Savannah Walking Tours. These tours are like treasure hunts, guiding us through the streets of Savannah to uncover hidden gems and fascinating stories. We’ll stroll past beautiful mansions with charming gardens, historic squares where soldiers once marched, and bustling markets filled with local crafts. Along the way, knowledgeable guides will share fun facts and juicy tidbits about Savannah’s past and present. It’s a great way to stretch our legs, soak up the sights, and learn something new about this amazing city.

8: Exploring Jones Street

Our journey through Savannah takes us to one of the city’s most charming and picturesque streets – Jones Street. Imagine walking down a tree-lined avenue with colorful flowers blooming in the gardens and historic houses with elegant porches lining the sidewalks. Jones Street is like a storybook come to life, filled with old-world charm and Southern hospitality. You can peek into boutique shops, stop for a sweet treat at a cozy cafe, or simply take in the beauty of the architecture all around you. It’s a delightful stroll that will make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time to a more peaceful and elegant era.

9: Marveling at Factors Walk

Our exploration of Savannah brings us to Factors Walk, a historic area that will truly take your breath away. Picture yourself walking along cobblestone streets lined with old warehouses and buildings that once bustled with activity during Savannah’s bustling port days. Factors Walk is like a glimpse into the past, where merchants and traders used to barter goods and strike deals. Today, it’s a vibrant hub filled with charming shops, cozy cafes, and art galleries waiting to be discovered. As you wander through Factors Walk, you’ll feel the echoes of Savannah’s rich maritime history all around you.

10: Riding the Savannah Trolley Tours

Our Savannah adventure wouldn’t be complete without hopping aboard the iconic Savannah Trolley Tours. Imagine cruising through the streets of Savannah on a charming trolley, with a friendly guide pointing out all the must-see sights and sharing fascinating stories along the way. From historic landmarks to hidden gems, the Savannah Trolley Tours take you on a whirlwind journey through the heart of the city, giving you a unique perspective on its rich history and vibrant culture. Plus, you can hop on and off at various stops to explore at your own pace, making it the perfect way to see Savannah’s top attractions in style.