10 Most Valuable Peace Dollars

Peace Dollars are special coins that were minted in the United States a long time ago. These coins are not just for buying things; they’re also like little pieces of history that people collect because they’re unique and valuable. Today, we’re going to explore some of the most valuable Peace Dollars ever made!


The 1921 Peace High Relief $1 PF is a very special coin. It’s called “high relief” because the images on the coin stick out more than usual, making them look very detailed and beautiful. This coin was made a long time ago, back in 1921. It’s like finding a tiny piece of history from almost a hundred years ago!

9.1922 LOW RELIEF $1 PF

Unlike the high relief coin we just talked about, this one has images that don’t stick out as much. But don’t let that fool you; it’s still a valuable piece of history! The year 1922 was a time when these special coins were being made, and each one tells a story of the past. Imagine holding a coin that people used almost a hundred years ago – it’s like a time machine in your hand!

8.1922 HIGH RELIEF $1 PF

Moving on, let’s talk about the 1922 High Relief $1 PF. This coin is similar to the one we discussed earlier, but it has higher relief images, making them stand out more. In the year 1922, when this coin was made, there were many exciting things happening in the world. Holding this coin is like holding a piece of that time in your hand.


This coin is just like the one we talked about earlier, but it’s ranked a little differently in our list. It’s fascinating how each coin can have its own story and value, even if they look similar at first glance. Holding a coin like this allows us to connect with the past and appreciate the craftsmanship of the people who made it almost a century ago.

6.1924 S Peace Dollar

Moving along our list, let’s talk about the 1924 S Peace Dollar. This coin is from the year 1924 and was minted in San Francisco, which is what the “S” stands for. Each coin from a different year or location can have its own unique qualities, making it special to collectors. The 1924 S Peace Dollar is like a little piece of history from almost a hundred years ago, and holding it can make us feel connected to the people and events of that time.

5.1935 S Peace Dollar

This coin was minted in 1935 in San Francisco, just like the previous one we talked about. Even though it’s from a different year, it still holds a lot of historical significance. By collecting coins like the 1935 S Peace Dollar, we can learn about the different times and places they came from. It’s like holding a tiny piece of the past in our hands!

4. 1935 S Peace Dollar

This coin is also from San Francisco and minted in the same year as the previous one we discussed. It’s fascinating how even coins from the same year and location can have subtle differences that make them unique to collectors. Holding a 1935 S Peace Dollar allows us to appreciate the craftsmanship and history behind it, transporting us back to the time it was minted.

3.1927 D Peace Dollar

This coin was minted in 1927 in Denver, Colorado, which is what the “D” represents. Each mint location can produce coins with slight variations, adding to their uniqueness. The 1927 D Peace Dollar is another fascinating piece of history that allows us to glimpse into the past. Holding this coin can make us imagine the people who used it in their everyday lives almost a century ago.

2.1925 S Peace Dollar

Next on our list is the 1925 S Peace Dollar. Minted in San Francisco in 1925, this coin holds a special place in history. Just like the other coins we’ve discussed, the 1925 S Peace Dollar tells its own story of the time and place it came from. It’s amazing how something so small can carry so much significance and value, connecting us to the past in a tangible way.

1.1928 S Peace Dollar

Francisco in 1928, this coin holds the prestigious position of being the most valuable Peace Dollar on our list. It’s not just its age or rarity that makes it special; it’s the connection it provides to a bygone era. Holding a 1928 S Peace Dollar is like holding a piece of history in your hand, reminding us of the people and events of the past.