7 Uneffective Human Habits

7 Unefective human habits
7 Uneffective human habits

We all have habits that prevent us from living the ideal or better life. There are, however, some uneffective human habits that must simply avoid and we’re here to tell you about 7 of them.

Let’s read about them one by one.

1. Not Exist, Not Show Up

There is a saying, “Eighty percent of success is how we make our self exist”. Whether it’s your social life, your career or your health – it’s important that you exist by showing up! If you want to gain more health, an important thing to do is to exist by attending a fitness center regularly. Even if the weather is very bad and it reduces your spirit to go to the gym, just get up and go. Exist! Show up at the gym.

The rule of ‘existing and showing up’ affects your whole life. If you don’t exist and don’t show up anywhere, you are doomed to failure and unhappiness. If you keep writing or painting then your ability will increase rapidly. If you go out from the house more often, then you will meet many new friends. Engage yourself more in life by existing to the World and showing up! You’ll be guaranteed a life of success, fulfillment and meaning.

2. Delaying the Work

Below are some ideas on how to avoid delaying work:

  • Do the heaviest and most important jobs first thing in the morning. Activities in the morning will boost your spirit and create positive momentum all day. Usually it will create a productive day.
  • How do you eat an elephant? Most people think by how they can eat the whole elephant in one bite. These types of thoughts when it comes to tackling any type of job can cause you to procrastinate. Divide your work in several small steps. Then just focus on completing one task at a time. When you’ve completed one task, then go on to complete another task.

3. Doing Unimportant Things

One of things that can get you stuck in a rut, besides procrastinating is busying yourself with tasks that are not important. You need to prioritise your tasks.

In order to do an effective job of performing important tasks, you should make a 80/20 rule. Focus on achieving an 80 percent result by performing 20 percent tasks. So you should focus your energy on necessities work.

Write down and sort out your important tasks for today. Start doing the tasks that have highest priority. Even if you can only complete one important task a day, it doesn’t matter; at least you have successfully completed a task that had high priority.

4. Thinking Too Much

This is very easy to do. It rarely makes you take action. You can easily waste a lot of your life thinking too much. There’s nothing wrong with the type of thinking you do before doing something practical.

You don’t always have to examine things from every angle before trying it. And you do not have to wait for the right time to do something. Right times generally never come. Too much thinking can immerse you deeply into not taking any action at all. The only way to take action is to stop thinking too much. Close your mind and go do whatever you need to do. Just do it!!

5. Looking at the Negative side of things

When you see things from a negative perspective, it already digs a deep hole in your motivational spirit. You find fault and problems everywhere and generally there is no real problem at all. Thinking negatively always will only attract negative situations to arise. Thinking positively will attract positive situations to arise.

The solution is to realize the limits of your negative perspective. And that your perspective is not always a true picture of the world 100% of the time. Then try another perspective. For example, always try to form a habit of seeing things in a more positive and optimistic. Do a challenge and try to just think positive for 7 days. It can give you an insight in how your perspective and beliefs change the way you interpret and experience your world. And look at the results you are going to get.

6. Fixed on own thoughts

It can be difficult to view things or a situation objectively when you’re so fixed on your own thoughts, beliefs and opinions.

Sometimes a good solution is open your mind wider. Learn from the mistakes of others or their own iniquities. Learn from books. Take what you’ve learnt from others and put it into practice.

7. Overwhelming mind with redundant information

Very often, we allow too many negative voices and things to enter our own mind and thoughts. It’s important to be aware of those negative voices and to spend quiet time in meditation, prayer or reflection so that you are connected to your own peaceful voice.

Do not let too much information enter your mind and affect it. The world is bombarded too with too much information and things like facebook, twitter, tv, radio and music can drown out our own thoughts. Focus on clearing your mind and arriving at a peaceful moment where you can just focus on the important things in your life and jobs you have to complete.

3 responses to “7 Uneffective Human Habits”

  1. Habit is something that we used to do without we think twice. Need sometime to shape habit, so start from now to keep on the good habit and throw away our bad habit. Success will be on your step. very good articles. Thank you.

  2. Yes a positive attitude can help to reduce many negative approaches, which are hamper your career, life, social network and many more things. This articles can help a person to realize what is his or her lacking, so that can overcome on it.