9 amazing ways to get relief from Dandruff forever!

In winter more or less it’s a common problem to all of us.   Many of us don’t wear any black outfits in winter only for this dry and itching dandruff. It makes people embarrassing in some places. Why do some people get dandruff? The cause of dandruff is believed to be a complicated interaction between naturally occurring yeast, your skin oil and the resultant inflammation. For unclear reasons, the yeast finds the composition of some individuals’ scalp oil to be delicious. The digestion of these oils generates fatty acids that penetrate the skin and stir up inflammation — hence the redness and flaking. It’s not an infection of yeast per se, but a poorly understood reaction to your skin’s natural inhabitants.

But we do not know, people can get rid of this annoying problem maybe a little more informal ways. Here is the 9 easy and natural ways to give you dandruff free gorgeous hair-

                          1. Message your scalp for 30 minutes with lemon juice

                           before bath and wash well with a good mild shampoo.

                       2. Before sleeping at night message olive oil and wash it with

                             shampoo in the next morning. If you don’t get enough time

                    at the previous night then do it before 1 hour of bath.

                        3.   According to the length of your hair apply egg yolk on your

                scalp and message very well. Let it 1 hour and then

 wash  it with a good shampoo.

               4.  Massage your scalp with baby oil at night and the next day

                     wash your hair with a good quality anti-dandruff  shampoo.

            5.  Mix  baking soda with the shampoo and

                 wash your hair with this 2-3 days in a week.

                 6.  Put the mixer of yogurt and lemon juice in your hair

                            for 30 minutes before the shampoo. It makes your hair

gorgeous, silky and dandruff free.

                   7.  9 percent of water mixed with 1 percent of Apple cider vinegar,

               wash the head with it at first and then  remove it with shampoo.

           8.  Boil Neem leaves in water then rinse your hair with

          the water. It will make your hair always dandruff free.

home-remedies-for-ingrown-hairs-aspirin  9.  Aspirin tablets are available to buy. You can powder

3 tablets and mixed with your daily shampoo.


Thus, 3 days a week each way to comply.  You will start getting results in 10 days.

You would be an owner of  shiny  and dandruff free hair. And can wear your favorite black dress.


Written by Mahbuba Hoque.