Annoying Child Behaviors that are Actually Healthy

4 Annoying Child Behavior That Bring Benefit
4 Annoying Child Behavior That Bring Benefit

Sometimes children have annoying behaviors that upset their parents. But did you know that some annoying child behaviors are actually essential and healthy for a child’s development?

David Hill, MD, a pediatrician and author of “Dad to Dad: Parenting Like a Pro”, said that some child behaviors are important for their growth and development.

.Here are some typical children behaviors that seem annoying but is really important for healthy development:

  • Imitating other people talk

Sometimes little children like to imitate other people talk. The child often likes to imitate the tone of voice and while this can be very annoying to the parent or adult, this behavior is actually good for their development.

Nancy S Buck, a Developmental Psychologist (PhD), said that such behavior is part of the process of a child learning to speak. Usually this behavior appears at around the age of 2-3 years old.  If little children do this, then parents should be not annoyed and understand that it’s all part of healthy development for the child.

  • Doodling

Children love drawing with crayons, colored pencils and markers and find it very easy to draw or doodle a lot of graffiti or art around the walls, chairs, furniture and their own clothes. This type of behavior often triggers parents’ anger.

This behavior in fact  increases the child’s fine motor skills by their ability to hold something and move it to create a drawing. It’s also great for developing their imagination. If you do not want dirty walls, then give your child a notebook, scrapbook or lots of blank paper where they can doodle freely.

  • Playing with tissue paper

Children who are asked to get some tissue or even come across any tissue paper within reach of their hands, will play with it and often make a big mess with it.

Dr Hill said that it actually shows the child motor skills are well developed and it is very common in children aged 6 months to 2 years to play with tissue. These kids are looking for ways to practice repeatedly using their hands.

  • Choosing their own favorite clothes.

Children sometimes like to choose their own clothes to be worn and even wear the same clothes over and over again. Child Development experts and doctors say that this type of behavior indicates self confidence in their appearance. These children become very confident and feel happy from the power they have from choosing their own clothes.

2 responses to “Annoying Child Behaviors that are Actually Healthy”

  1. I never thought about this before. It really annoying actually but somehow might bring development for both my children. Although both of my 6 yrs old daughter and 4 yrs son were love to tear tissue into pieces, I always asked both of them to clean it up.

    I provide them with whiteboard with marker so they can draw or write anything that they love to. The whiteboard is to replace blackboard, in which was really dusty because of the chalk. So they are no longer write on the wall.

  2. I prefer let them to choose their own clothes. This is a nice article. Again great work Laila (y)