Boost Your Survival Skills: How to Increase Max Health in Don’t Starve

Boost Your Survival Skills: How to Increase Max Health in Don’t Starve

Surviving in the challenging world of Don’t Starve requires not only wit and strategy but also a keen understanding of various game mechanics. One crucial aspect of ensuring your survival is increasing your maximum health. In this article, we will explore effective ways to boost your health and fortify your chances of beating the odds.

Eating Well: The Foundation of Good Health

Your character’s health directly correlates with the nourishment they receive. To maximize your health, you must focus on consuming a well-balanced diet in the game. Various food items offer different health benefits, so it’s essential to diversify your diet for optimal results.

Meats, such as cooked morsels, jerky, and cooked meat, provide substantial health boosts while also satisfying hunger levels. Berries, vegetables, and cooked foods should be included in your diet to provide a range of health benefits.

It’s important to note that some food items, like raw monster meat, can have negative effects on your health. Therefore, it’s best to stick to cooked or prepared food to avoid any detrimental consequences.

The Healing Power of Science

In Don’t Starve, science comes to the rescue when it comes to health restoration. Crafting a Healing Salve will prove invaluable in replenishing your health points during dire situations.

To craft a Healing Salve, you’ll need a spider gland obtained by defeating spiders and some basic resources like rocks and ashes. Once crafted, the Healing Salve can be applied to wounds by right-clicking on your character’s portrait. This will help restore your health gradually over time.

Magical Cures: Honey Poultice and Booster Shots

Don’t Starve introduces two magical items that aid in health restoration – the Honey Poultice and Booster Shots.

Honey Poultice is crafted using honey, rocks, and spider glands. When applied, it gradually restores health, making it a reliable option for healing. However, it’s important to note that honey is a valuable resource in the game, so use it wisely.

Booster Shots, on the other hand, are crafted using honey, rot, niter, and stingers. This powerful item not only restores health but also permanently increases your maximum health. Crafting Booster Shots requires more advanced resources, so it’s recommended for players who have established themselves in the game.

Seek Out the Touchstones and Telltale Hearts

In Don’t Starve, certain structures can assist with health restoration. The first is Touchstones, which act as resurrection points. When you die, you will respawn near the nearest Touchstone, granting a second chance at survival. However, Touchstones can only be used once, so it’s crucial to locate multiple stones for a higher chance of recovery.

Telltale Hearts are another valuable resource for health restoration. They are crafted using a spider gland, beard hair, and nightmare fuel. When used, Telltale Hearts fully restore your health and can be a true lifesaver in dire situations.


1. Can I increase my maximum health permanently?

Yes, you can. Craft Booster Shots using honey, rot, niter, and stingers to increase your maximum health permanently while also restoring your current health.

2. Are there any other items that restore health gradually?

Absolutely! The Healing Salve and Honey Poultice both restore health over time when applied. These items can be crafted using readily available resources.

3. Can I find health-boosting items in the game world?

While certain structures like Touchstones and Telltale Hearts can assist with health restoration, most health-boosting items can be crafted using gathered or obtained resources. Exploring the game world thoroughly will help you find the necessary ingredients.

By following these strategies and incorporating them into your gameplay, you’ll be well on your way to increasing your maximum health in Don’t Starve. Remember to maintain a diverse diet, craft healing items, and look for valuable resources to enhance your chances of survival. Best of luck!