Country The Largest Facebook User’s

Facebook is a phenomenon in the world of the internet. Facebook is initially only among students of a university in the United States that is now growing dominate the internet world.

Check Facebook shows that the Facebook user data is not directly proportional to the population of a country. China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Russia, Nigeria are the only countries in the top 10 most populous countries in the world, but on theses country’s only small number of Facebook users. Facebook users in China is only about 500 thousand of the more than 1 billion population. Even Japan’s that advanced in technology, Facebook users only about 6 million of the 127 million of population.

Here is the sequence of Ninth Countries biggest Facebook users in the world :

  1. United States

The fourth largest country in the world with the third largest population occupying in the first position as the largest Facebook user. Nearly half of the American population is Facebook users which is about 158 million people, it is not surprising since Facebook came from America.

  1. Indonesia

The second position is Indonesia, as many as 42 million people are Facebook users. Country which ranks as the fourth most populous nation in the world. A total of 41% of Facebook user were 18-24 years of age. Internet users in Indonesia reached 45 million people, 48% of them access the Internet from mobile phones.

  1. India

India is the second most populous country in the world, no wonder Facebook users in India reached 41 million people. Facebook users in India are dominated by young people is about 48%. India is a country with strict censorship and selective in applying the content that is harmful to the people of India.

  1. Brazil

Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world and has approximately 35 million users Facebook life as much as 32​​% comes from the age of 18-24 years, 28% were 25-35 years of age. Internet users in Brazil is the fifth highest in the world is about 67 million users.

  1. Mexico

Mexico is the fifth country Facebook users, as many as 31 million of the 105 million people are Facebook users. As many as 33% of Facebook users are 18-24 year old, and 24% were aged 25-34 years.

  1. Turkey

Turkish residents are using Facebook as many as 30 million of the 68 million population. Facebook users in Turkey are dominated by people aged 18-24 years by 33%, and 25-34 years by 28%.

  1. United Kingdom

England occupies the seventh position country Facebook users by the number of 30 million of the 60 million population. Age of Facebook users in the UK are very uneven, as many as 25% were aged 18-24 years, 24% aged 25-34 years, 17% aged 35-44 years.

  1. Philippines

Although access to the Internet in the Philippines is not too fast, the state ranked eighth Facebook user. A total of 27 million users of the 86 million population. As many as 39% of users aged 18-24 years, 24% aged 25-34 years.

  1. France

France occupies the ninth position in the world’s largest Facebook users, ie as many 24 million users from 62 million people who use Facebook. A total of 24% Facebook users aged 25-34 years, 25% aged 18-24 years, the majority of Facebook users in France are women as much as 52%.













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