Foods You Shouldn’t Store In The Fridge!

We keep a lot of food in the fridge to keep it fresh and last long. But did you know there are certain foods that you shouldn’t store in the fridge?

By refrigerating some food stuffs you can actually reduce the nutritional levels, texture and flavor of them when they are kept in the fridge. What foods are those you ask?


Tomatoes are not resistant to cold storage. Tomatoes that are kept in the fridge can wither and although it can still be used for cooking, they are no longer fresh to eat in a salad for example. To keep tomatoes absolutely fresh simply put them in a place that is not exposed to direct sun temperature.


PotatoPotatoes should be stored in a cool, dark and dry place with good air ventilation. They should not be kept in the fridge at all.  Did you know that putting potatoes in the fridge actually makes them sweeter thus increasing glucose levels in potatoes? Storing potatoes in the fridge also makes them go dark when you’re cooking them.


OnionStoring onions in the refrigerator will damage the thin outer layer of the onion. Lack of air circulation in the refrigerator can make onions go rotten quickly. Keep onions in a dry and dark place. Avoid exposing onions to direct light as this will make onions become more bitter.


Putting avocados in the refrigerator will only slow down the process of ripening them. Once they ripen, however, then storing them in the refrigerator is okay.


Unripe mangoes should not be kept in the fridge. They are best kept at room temperature to mature faster. In addition, storing mangoes in the fridge can also make the skin shrink and thin the mango flesh, thus losing it’s delicious sweet taste.


Most people love to eat fresh cool watermelons during the summer season. Did you know that storing watermelons in the fridge actually reduce the level of good nutrients in them and also dry them out?. Watermelons kept at room temperature have lycopene levels 40 percent higher than when they are stored in the refrigerator.

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  1. A very helpful article. We usually put many fruits and vegetables in the fridge without knowing that is it right to put it there or not. I think people can be knows about it from this article. Thank you Lailawati to share this with us.

  2. Really an informative post.
    I don’t know it either and there are many people like us who don’t know this facts.
    Thanks a lot for share.

  3. After reading this article I am scared to take foods which stored in Freeze. Freah food is always good for health.. Thank you Laila for your share

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