How To Choose Jeans For Fat Lady

Having a fat body does not mean you can not look stylish with jeans. By selecting the model and the right type of jeans, fat lady can still look fashionable without being afraid of getting look more fat.

The main key in choosing clothing, whether it jeans or any clothes, you should adjust to the shape of your body, you must not just follow the trend because you can get stuck in it.

For fat ladies, here are some tips in choosing the right jeans:

  • Notice the size

When going to wear jeans adjust the jeans size to your body now. Do not force yourself to wear jeans with smaller size than your body, although the difference is only 1 size, because when you force yourself to wear jeans with a smaller size, then you will feel miserable and your body will look more fat.

  • Choosing Jeans Materials

There are jeans that made from thick material and some are made ​​from thin materials. For those who are a fat, you should choose jeans that are made from thinner material cause that comfortable to wear, if you choose the jeans that are made from thick material, will make you look heavier and volume. Instead wear jeans with a thinner material will help reduce fat impression on your appearance.

  • Select the model and color

Choosing the right model and color are important. For fat lady, you can choose jeans with the pipe model or boot cut, because both models are able to disguise the shape of your huge legs or thighs. Avoid skinny jeans or a pencil models, since these models will further show your big legs. Also avoid wide at the bottom jeans model, as this will make you look bigger. For selection of colors, you should choose dark colors because dark colors can give the impression slim on your legs.

Well, that’s some information and also tips regarding of choosing jeans for the fat lady. Hopefully these tips useful for you.