How To Maintain Laptop

Nowadays, we can easily see many people already using laptop everywhere. Laptop is a practical working tool as well as portability is the main feature of it. Various laptop brand has offered in the market with their respective advantages. Generally people assume that a more expensive laptop would have better quality, not easily damaged and more durable than a laptop with a cheaper price. This assumption is not always true. Because the eligibility age for the laptop can be used depends on how the laptop maintenance by the user.

Therefore, in order to up the quality of your laptop over its use, here are some tips to treat for your laptop to withstand:

Keep The Cleanliness of Laptop
Maintain the cleanliness of the laptop is not a trivial matter, debris and dust over time if not cleaned will clog the connection on the laptop that interfere with the performance of the laptop to the fullest.


Do not use the keypad protector
When you buy a laptop, you use to equip it with a screen guard and keypad protector. Its function is to protect the LCD screen from scratches and protects the keypad from dirt. But I suggest you to not use the keypad protector cause the heat from inside the laptop can not get out among the space on keyboard, so the laptop motherboard easily heat up and damaged. Clean the laptop with brush or vacuum cleaner.


Use the appropriate laptop bag
Many people who choose a laptop bag with a size equal to the laptop so that no cavities are available which can cause laptop pinched that can damage the laptop hard drive.


Avoid moving the laptop while turn on
Moving laptop when turn on can cause laptop hard drive easily damaged, because when the laptop turn on, the hard disk platters spin very fast to make the process of reading and writing data, so the disc is very sensitive to vibration


Keep the Battery Endurance
Charge the laptop battery when the battery capacity is less than half. Do not let your laptop battery drained in a state as this can cause damage to the laptop battery. Also avoid charge the laptop all day long, as this can cause damage also.


Avoid operating the laptop on a bed
Operate the laptop above the mattress will clog the cooling fan laptop, so the laptop is easy to heat and can cause damage to the laptop.


Do not place objects on the laptop
Although the laptop is closed, avoid placing any object on it especially heavy objects, as this can cause pressure that can damage the laptop.


Do not operate the laptop while eating and drinking
Often when it was busy working at a laptop, we could while eating and drinking. Though eating and drinking while operating the laptop is very risky, laptop exposed to water or food remain that can damage the internal components of the laptop.


Those are some tips to maintenance the laptop, good treatment will make the performance of your laptop more durable and not easily damaged.